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Mario tickling Chun-Li in Super Mario Klemp-Won-Do: Muskeln sind nicht alles!.
Species Human
First appearance Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991, Street Fighter series)
Super Mario Klemp-Won-Do: Muskeln sind nicht alles! (1992, Mario-related media)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018, cameo as spirit)

Chun-Li is a character from the Street Fighter series.


Super Mario Klemp-Won-Do: Muskeln sind nicht alles![edit]

Chun-Li and several other characters from the Street Fighter II series appear in the Club Nintendo comic "Super Mario Klemp-Won-Do: Muskeln sind nicht alles!". She is seen laughing along with the others when Mario decides to enter the "Street Fighter II grandmaster" tournament.

After Mario's surprise victory over Zangief, Chun-Li is his next challenger. Mario immediately falls in love with her because of her beauty, unaware of this, and expects a "victory kiss" from her as a reward for winning his last fight. To his surprise, she starts kicking him, forcing Mario to think quickly. He gets the idea to tickle Chun-Li's feet with a feather, causing her to laugh uncontrollably and leaving her unable to battle. Mario wins the fight and advances, facing Blanka in his third match.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Chun-Li appears as a Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where she is represented by Zero Suit Samus.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirits[edit]

Name Image Series / game Type Class Strength / effect(s) How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponent(s) Battle conditions Stage Song
Chun-Li (Street Fighter Alpha) Chun-Li (Street Fighter Alpha)'s Spirit sprite from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Street Fighter Series Primary (3) Advanced Grab
Can be enhanced to Chun-Li at Lv. 99
World of Light (World Tour); Spirit Board Zero Suit Samus Rule: Jump Power ↓
  • The enemy's kicks and knee strikes have increased power
  • Stamina battle
  • All fighters have reduced jump power
Onett (Ω) Chun-Li Stage Type B
Chun-Li Chun-Li's Spirit sprite from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Street Fighter Series Primary (3) Ace Grab
Physical Attack ↑
Enhanced from Chun-Li (Street Fighter Alpha) N/A N/A N/A N/A

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 春麗
Literally meaning "spring beauty" in Mandarin
Chinese 春麗 (Traditional)
春丽 (Simplified)
Literally meaning "spring beauty"
Korean 춘리


  • A character resembling Chun-Li named Mel appears as a playable character in the island open in Mario Tennis: Power Tour.
  • Chun-Li also makes a cameo in the Disney film Wreck-It Ralph, standing alongside fellow Street Fighter character Cammy in Game Central Station. Also, at one point in the film, when Fix-it Felix Jr. and Sergeant Calhoun are heading to Sugar Rush to look for Ralph, in the background Chun-Li can be seen talking to generic princesses with colors resembling those of Princess Daisy and Rosalina, as well as an elf princess resembling Zelda.

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