Dr. Light

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Dr. Light
Full name Dr. Thomas Light
Species Human
First appearance Mega Man (1987, Mega Man series)
Captain N: The Game Master (1989, Mario-related media)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018, cameo as spirit)

Dr. Thomas Light is a character from the Mega Man series. He attended the same university as Albert W. Wily, and is the creator of Mega Man and various other robot characters. In the Mario franchise, he serves as Mario's family doctor, and in general as a knowledgeable man to ask for help. Appearing in three Club Nintendo comics, Light's various inventions and troubleshootings differ a lot in their efficiency.


Captain N: The Game Master[edit]

Dr. Wright's appearance in Captain N: The Game Master.

Dr. Light, wherein he was called Dr. Wright, appeared in Captain N: The Game Master, voiced by Ian James Corlett.

Club Nintendo[edit]

"Super Mario: Die Verwandlung"[edit]

Dr. Light makes his debut in the Mario franchise in the Club Nintendo magazine comic, "Super Mario: Die Verwandlung". In this appearance, Dr. Light is portrayed much differently from the Mega Man games: he is also a plastic surgeon as well, and is highly absentminded. He is assisted by Mega Man in his office.

Mario calls Dr. Light for help when he finds that his face became pixelated overnight. When Mario enters Dr. Light's office with a bag over his head, he confuses the plumber with Link and thinks he came to complain about his surgery. His plan to cure Mario involves creating a duplicate of him and them fusing the two, which fails when the attempt to duplicate Mario creates Wario instead. Wario then begins wreaking havoc and breaks out of the lab, but is eventually recaptured by Mario, Mega Man and Dr. Light. He finally solves the crisis by having Mario and Wario both hold an SNES controller and press the Start button simultaneously; Wario disappears, and Mario returns to his normal form, allowing Dr. Light to properly recognize him. The end of the comic shows Dr. Light answering a call from Luigi, who claims to have turned black-and-white, eliciting a groan from the three of them.

"Mario in Mariozilla"[edit]

Light, Toadstool and Yoshi come to Mario's aid.

Dr. Light later appeared in the comic "Mario in Mariozilla". He lives in the Empire State Building, doing research together with Link. Once again, Mario calls him to solve a problem: one of Kamek's spells caused him to grow to a huge size. After recommending that the giant Mario put on a "magic cap" (which turns out to be another paper bag), Light's only advice is to track Kamek down, as he is the only one who can turn him back. Later in the story, the power of Kamek's broom shrinks him and Mario to a tiny size, and they are eaten by Yoshi. Dr. Light tries to free them by flipping Yoshi over and shaking him; when that fails, he theorizes that Yoshi could lay an egg containing both Mario and Kamek back to light. The plan works, and Light then turns them back to their normal size using a special magnifying glass.

"Blast Corps in Yoshis Knallkekse"[edit]

In "Blast Corps in Yoshis Knallkekse," Dr. Light (translated as Dr. Lichtblitz) appears as a hard-working, serious man. After Kamek hexes Yoshi's truck full of cookies so that the truck begins driving on its own and the cookies cause anyone who eats them to go crazy, Yoshi calls Dr. Light for help finding a remedy. Dr. Light succeeds and eventually arrives via helicopter in time to deliver the remedy to the city where the delivery was meant to arrive, containing the epidemic.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Dr. Light appears as a collectible trophy.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Dr. Light appears as a spirit.

Profile and statistics[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Trophy information[edit]

Name Image Appears in Description
Dr. Light DrLightTrophyWiiU.png NES Mega Man (12/1987)
NES Mega Man 2 (07/1989)
The genius scientist Dr. Thomas Light developed a variety of robots for peaceful purposes. Sadly, most of them were then reprogrammed by Dr. Wily and became warlike bringers of chaos. In order to combat them, Dr. Light saw no option but to convert his own robot assistant, Mega, into the heroic warrior Mega Man.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit[edit]

Name Image Series / game Type Class Strength / effect(s) How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponent(s) Battle conditions Stage Song
Dr. Light SSBU Dr. Light Spirit.png Mega Man Series Support (2) Ace Zap-Floor Immunity World of Light (Power Plant); Spirit Board Dr. Mario, Mega Man
  • Defeat the main fighter to win
  • Stamina battle
  • The enemy tends to avoid conflict
Wily Castle (Battlefield) Mega Man 2 Medley

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ライト博士 / Dr.ライト
Raito Hakase / Dokutā Raito
Tōmasu Raito
Dr. Right/Light

Thomas Right/Light

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