Dr. Light

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Dr. Light
Full name Dr. Thomas Light
Species Human
First appearance Mega Man (1987, Mega Man series)
"Super Mario: Die Verwandlung" (1993, Mario-related media)
Latest appearance Mega Man 11 (2018, Mega Man series)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018, Mario-related media, cameo as spirit)

Dr. Thomas Light is a character from the Mega Man series, and the creator of Mega Man and various other robot characters. In the Mario franchise, he serves as Mario's family doctor, and in general as a knowledgeable man to ask for help. Appearing in three Club Nintendo comics, Light's various inventions and troubleshootings differ a lot in their efficiency.


Captain N: The Game Master[edit]

Dr. Light's appearance in Captain N: The Game Master.

Dr. Light, wherein he was called Dr. Wright, appeared in Captain N: The Game Master, voiced by Ian James Corlett.

Club Nintendo[edit]

"Super Mario: Die Verwandlung"[edit]

Dr. Light's debut in the Mario franchise was in the Club Nintendo magazine comic "Super Mario: Die Verwandlung." Mario calls him for help when one day he finds that his body became pixelated over night. In this comic, Light is highly absentminded as he persistently confuses Mario with Link. Moreover, his plan to cure Mario by doubling and then merging him fails, even resulting in the creation of Wario in fact. However, at the end of the story, it is due to him that Mario returns to his normal state, as he asks Mario and Wario to press the Select buttons of their SNES controllers simultaneously, which works. After that he is called by Luigi who claims to have turned black and white. Dr. Light is assisted by Mega Man in his office.

"Mario in Mariozilla"[edit]

Light, Toadstool and Yoshi come to Mario's aid.

Light later appeared in the comic "Mario in Mariozilla." During the time of this story, he lives in the Empire State Building, doing research together with Link. Once again, Mario calls on him with a problem. This time, due to a bad spell of Kamek, Mario has grown to a huge size. Light's only advice is to search Kamek again, as he is the only one able to transform him back. Later in the story, the power of Kamek's broom makes him and Mario shrink to a tiny size. Yoshi swallows them, which leads Light (after a failed attempt to flip Yoshi over and shake him in order to make him spit Mario and Kamek out) to the idea that Yoshi laying an egg could bring Mario and Kamek back to light. This plan works, and Light is also the one to transform both back to their normal size, using a special magnifying glass. Nothing in this story reminds of Dr. Light's absent-minded personality in "Die Verwandlung", except that he recommends the huge Mario to pull on a "magic cap" - which in fact is only a paper bag.

"Blast Corps in Yoshis Knallkekse"[edit]

In "Blast Corps in Yoshis Knallkekse," the Doctor appears as a hard-working, serious man. Yoshi suggests to call him after losing control of his truck. Kamek put a spell on the truckload cookies so that anyone who eats them becomes crazy. Dr. Lichtblitz, as he was referred to in this comic, is instructed to find a remedy. He succeeds, and using a helicopter he arrives in time at the place where the cookies have been scattered.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Trophy information[edit]

Name Image Appears in Description
Dr. Light DrLightTrophyWiiU.png NES Mega Man (12/1987)
NES Mega Man 2 (07/1989)
The genius scientist Dr. Thomas Light developed a variety of robots for peaceful purposes. Sadly, most of them were then reprogrammed by Dr. Wily and became warlike bringers of chaos. In order to combat them, Dr. Light saw no option but to convert his own robot assistant, Mega, into the heroic warrior Mega Man.


  • Apparently Dr. Light is also a plastic surgeon and worked for Link in this matter, since he talks about a plastic surgery when he misidentifies Mario in "Die Verwandlung".

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