Blast Corps in Yoshis Knallkekse

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Blast Corps in Yoshis Knallkekse (English translation: Blast Corps in Yoshi's Bang Cookies) is the name of a six-page comic published in the 4/1997 issue of the German Club Nintendo magazine. It was a cross-over comic featuring characters from the Yoshi franchise as well as from the game Blast Corps, which was then recently released for the Nintendo 64.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Yoshi's truck releasing its truckload of cookies
Yoshi's truck's hatches release the bang cookies.

The comic starts out in Southern California with Yoshi driving a truck with a load of cookies to the princess's castle. Suddenly, Kamek appears and puts a spell on Yoshi's truck. Yoshi is dizzy for a short time, but he soon realizes that he is sitting on the road and his truck is going on without him. He hurries to reach it, but on his way, he notices a large poster. It advertises a service by the Blast Corps company, offering solutions to any problem. Yoshi enters a phone box and calls the Blast Corps, and as soon as he steps out, the team consisting of four men and a woman called Netty is already there. Meanwhile, Yoshi's truck has reached a town, knocking over anything that is in its way. Due to the crashes, the truck's hatches open and the cookies drop all over town. Shortly after, some hungry pedestrians start to pick up the cookies and eat them. While they say that they are tasty, soon it turns out that they have some negative side effects. All the people who have eaten a cookie now do insane things, such as pulling trash cans over their heads, hitting themselves with hammers, and spitting at each other.

Yoshi and Netty
Yoshi and Netty trying to make the out-of-control truck stop

In this moment, the Blast Corps team and Yoshi arrive in the town. Netty supposes that Kamek turned the cookies into "bang cookies." Yoshi suggests to ask Dr. Light for help. They call him, and he starts working on a remedy. In the meantime, Netty, through a message from her headphone, comes to know that the truck is heading for the town's zoo and that the animals will turn into monsters if they try the cookies. The truck is right ahead of them, and trying to make it stop, they crash into it from behind, without success. The robots from Blast Corps finally manage to make it stop by shooting rockets at it and then crushing it by jumping on it. In this moment, Dr. Light arrives in an aircraft, and the narrator states that he was able to make a remedy and that, while he is giving it to the people concerned, the Blast Corps team collects the cookies left over. However, they miss one cookie, which is detected by a lizard. In the last panel, Kamek announces that he will return.