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Link, Mario and Kirby inside of the Elmstreet-Tunnel
Link, Mario and Kirby walking across the Elmstreet-Tunnel

The Elmstreet-Tunnel is a narrow cavernous tunnel of an unknown location, appearing in the Club Nintendo comic "Super Mario in Die Nacht des Grauens". It leads to Infernum, Abigor's temple.

In the story, Abigor turns Toadstool into a zombie. When Mario finds out about this, he informs Kirby and Link, who live in the same skyscraper. When the three of them return to Mario's room where Toadstool has been sitting, all they find is a golden dice similar to Lemarchand's box. Mario tries it out, and as a result they are sucked in by several objects (namely a toilet, an ice box, and a TV). They land in a subterranean crypt, where they find a grimoire. Mario tries out one of the spells, and immediately a gate opens, taking them to the Elmstreet-Tunnel.

They walk across it, and at its end stumble across Chuckie and another demonic creature. When being asked why they entered the tunnel, Mario and his friends (who, due to another spell, are wearing women's clothes) claim to be charwomen who have come to clean up Abigor's room. The monsters do not fall for this excuse, but open a door and kick the friends in. The room turns out to be Infernum.


  • The tunnel shares its name with the horror film series A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • The tunnel is Cranberry Street Tunnel for A and C Trains in real life, while in Die Nacht des Grauens, it is Elmstreet-Tunnel.