Die Jagd nach dem Nintendo 64: Krawall im All

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Die Jagd nach dem Nintendo 64: Krawall im All is the name of a 6-page comic published in the 2/1997 issue of the German Club Nintendo magazine. It was made to advertise the then recently-released video game console, Nintendo 64.

Plot Synopsis[edit]

Mario and Luigi inside their spaceship
Mario and Luigi inside their SNES-spaceship.

It is 1997, and Mario and Luigi are flying through outer space in a spaceship shaped like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. They are heading for Planet Earth, in search of a mysterious spaceship. At the same time, there is another spaceship traveling through space, searching for the same spacecraft. The ship occupants turn out to be Wario and Bowser, and their plan is to use the mysterious spaceship to rule the entire universe. When they land on Earth, they spot Mario and Luigi's spaceship which has already landed. Decided to be the first ones to find the new spaceship, Wario and Bowser fetch their paragliders and take off. Soon they find that Mario and Luigi are driving in their karts. Trying to hinder them, Wario starts a maneuver and flies close above their heads. Bowser glides down and hits Mario's kart, resulting in the driver drifting off the road, but also Bowser losing control over his paraglider. Mario, on the road again meantime, uses this chance to throw some banana peels in front of Bowser's hopping aircraft. The villain slips and collides with Wario. Knocked out, they lie on the ground, while the plumbers drive on.

Bowser and Wario outrun Mario and Luigi
Bowser and Wario outpace the jet-skiing plumbers in their race for the Nintendo 64.

Some time later, Mario and Luigi reach a waterside. Their sensors indicate that the spaceship they are searching for is located on a small island in the water. Luigi wonders how to cross the water and reach the island, since they cannot find a bridge, neither a boat. Mario, however, knows that by pushing a button on their karts, the vehicles can turn into jet skis. They use their new watercrafts and head for the island. In this moment, however, Wario and Bowser fly above them, this time using aircrafts with rocket engines. Mario provokes them by saying that flying only straightforward is boring. The villains fall for the trick and perform various maneuvers, while Mario cheers them on. After some time, they run out of fuel and fall into the water. Mario and Luigi continue their ride and finally reach the island. As expected, they find the spaceship they were searching for. It is shaped like the Nintendo 64. While the plumbers gaze at it, Bowser and Wario come running out of the water, trying to take possession of the spaceship. Mario, however, is the first one to take action, hops onto the console-like ship and flies a flag on top of it (the flag showing a Green Shell). Many of the plumbers' friends come and hail them: Princess Peach, Link, Kirby, Donkey, Dixie, Diddy Kong and two Toads. Mario and Luigi take off with their new spaceship, while their friends cheer at them and Wario and Bowser lie on the ground, dispirited.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Die Jagd nach dem Nintendo 64: Krawall im All
The Race for the Nintendo 64: Ruckus in Outer Space


  • Mario and Luigi driving karts is an allusion to the Mario Kart series (especially the game Mario Kart 64 released at that time), and the jet ski ride is an allusion to the Wave Race series (especially the game Wave Race 64 released at that time).