Süße Weihnachten

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First panel of page 1. Bowser in front of Mario's house.
First panel of Süße Weihnachten
A scene with Toad

Süße Weihnachten (English translation: Sweet Christmas) is the name of a 2-page comic published in the 6/1991 issue of the German Club Nintendo magazine.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The comic takes place on Christmas Day. Bowser can be seen in front of Mario's house, who is not at home. However, the door seems to be open, so Bowser goes inside. He finds several treats inside, such as cakes and cookies, which he immediately starts to eat. Noticeably tubbier, he complains of feeling sick afterwards. A view into his stomach shows two viruses jumping around. Still feeling sick, Bowser leaves the house and trips. Toad sees him falling over and notices that he needs help. Swiftly, Toad runs to Dr. Mario's office, telling what happened to Bowser. Dr. Mario, after checking Bowser's condition and assisted by Nurse Toadstool, "prescribes" him "a bitter pill every hour instead of marzipan". The final panel shows Mario (wearing a Christmas suit), Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad celebrating Christmas and singing "Silent Night", with Bowser in the foreground lying in bed and still feeling sick.