Marios Rückkehr

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Raccoon Mario
Raccoon Mario flying above the Mushroom Kingdom

Marios Rückkehr (English translation: Mario's comeback) is the 1/1992 issue of the Club Nintendo magazine, and the fourth comic in the series.

Plot synopsis[edit]

After a short review of what happened in "Mario will hoch hinaus", the story is continued: Mario can be seen flying above Mushroom Kingdom as Raccoon Mario. When discovering and picking up two Nintendo Gamer's Guides on a cloud, he accidentally hits a Koopa Paratroopa, causing him to return to his normal form and to fall down. He falls into an unknown castle and right onto a Koopa Troopa, which eludes off its Shell. Not knowing where he is, Mario takes a look into his Gamer's Guide. This helps him find a treasure inside the castle and the story ends with Mario being welcomed back with open arms.