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Yoshi and Netty
Netty next to Yoshi

Netty is a woman who appears in the Club Nintendo comic "Blast Corps in Yoshis Knallkekse." She is a member of the Blast Corps, an organization originating in the eponymous video game which advertises themselves as able to solve any problems. Netty has long brown hair tied up in a ponytail by a pink hair-band with a bow on it, with fringed bangs; she also wears Blast Crops uniform blue overalls like the other members.


Yoshi sought out the Blast Corps' services after a truck full of cookies he was delivering to Princess Toadstool's castle had been jinxed by Kamek, which caused the truck to drive on its own and kick him out. Netty leads the team in answering the call; as they try to stop the truck from driving through and demolishing a nearby city, they discover that the jinx turned the snacks into what she calls "bang cookies", which would cause anyone who ate them to lose their minds. Netty tries to ram her car into the truck from behind to no avail, but eventually the Blast Corps finally bring it to a halt. Netty and the team celebrate their success at the end of the comic.