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Netty next to Yoshi

Netty is a woman only appearing in the Club Nintendo comic "Blast Corps in Yoshis Knallkekse." She is a member of the Blast Corps, an organization originating in a video game of the same name that is able to solve any problems, according to their own advertising. Netty has long brown hair with fringed bangs, tied up in a ponytail by a pink hair-band with a bow on it, and she wears a blue overall uniform just like the other members of the Blast Corps seen in the comic.

Yoshi had to make use of the Blast Corps' service when he was driving a truck full of cookies to Princess Toadstool's castle and suddenly his truck was jinxed by Kamek. This resulted in the truck going on driverlessly, and the cookies were turned into (as Netty calls it) "bang cookies," making anyone who ate them lunatic. The Blast Corps team, led by Netty, agreed to stop the truck and prevent it from demolishing the city it was passing through. Netty drove a car and tried to make the truck stop by ramming into it from behind. This failed, but other members of the Blast Corps finally managed to bring it to a halt. At the end of the comic, Netty is seen being happy of the success.