Barney Todd

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Barney Todd
Barney Todd in Saturday Supercade
Species Human
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("Circus Daze") (1983)

Barney Todd is a circus ringmaster appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "Circus Daze."

He first appears with his assistant Trixie and muscle man, announcing his plan to capture Donkey Kong. He manages to capture him when his muscle man pulls a lever to unload the watermelon truck's bed he is sitting on, and they and Trixie drive off to his next show.

At his circus, Todd is trying to teach Donkey Kong the "Triple Trapeze Flip." However, Donkey Kong refuses, so he appoints Trixie as his trainer. Donkey Kong, convinced by Trixie, performs several flips, but after he is hit by the trapeze as it rebounds and becomes fearful of heights, Todd threatens Trixie to have him cured before the show.

Later, Todd notices Pauline from Mario's circus and orders his muscle man to seize her, and uses her to force Donkey Kong to perform for him. His muscle man locks them away, after which Todd promptly fires Trixie as his assistant.

During his show, Mario distracts his muscle man while Trixie commands a circus elephant, Jumbo, to ambush and throw him into the cage Pauline is held in. Todd is last seen trying to escape from his circus, where, after Donkey Kong spins a circus ring in his direction, his car loops around it in cartoonish fashion.