The Great Ape Escape

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Saturday Supercade episode
"The Great Ape Escape"
Segment Donkey Kong
Season 1
Episode 9
Airdate USA November 12, 1983
Writer(s) Rick Merwin
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The Great Ape Escape is the ninth episode of the first season of Saturday Supercade.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Mario and Pauline are chasing Donkey Kong. As he jumps onto a prison wall, Mario begins to devise a plan to capture him by hiding in a fake banana while being launched from a catapult. He succeeds in reaching Donkey Kong, but when he uses sleeping gas, Donkey Kong simply blows it back, sending Mario into a coma and allowing Donkey Kong to escape to the other side of the wall. He falls into a prison, where two prisoners are discussing their escape plans in the middle of work. Donkey Kong steals their hammers and completes their work in seconds causing both prisoners to realize that Donkey Kong is the key to their plan.

The prisoners outfit Donkey Kong in a prison jumpsuit to practice American football with him. Though Donkey Kong swallows the ball on the first pass, the prisoners still manage to show him the ropes. They then proceed to explain their escape plan, while Mario and Pauline watch from a cloud-shaped float.

Just as Donkey Kong catches the ball from a long pass, Mario manages to throw down a banana ladder. Donkey Kong falls for the bait, but manages to spit out the bananas onto Mario and drop back down to the prison, bursting the float with a pin.

In the cafeteria, Donkey Kong can't wait to be fed; Mario and Pauline, disguised as chefs, overload him with food and send him on a cart, intending to trap him in a stew pot. Donkey Kong, however, is able to realize what is happening, and uses a pillar to turn around, ramming Mario instead. Mario gives chase, even managing to catch the plates that Donkey Kong throws, but then Donkey Kong throws a turkey, directly knocking Mario into the stew pot.

At the football game, Donkey Kong's team is beating the other team 67-0. He manages to grab the ball after another hike. Mario attempts to lasso him, but Donkey Kong manages to drag him along. Even Pauline's assistance doesn't stop Donkey Kong from escaping along with the two escapees. They use the goal post as a catapult to fling themselves up and over the wall.

Later, Donkey Kong and the two escaping prisoners hide on the top floor of a building, attempting to avoid spotlights. They are eventually caught and told to surrender, but the escapees refuse, so long as they have Donkey Kong with them. Mario and Pauline manage to convince Donkey Kong that they are prisoners, not health instructors, as he had previously believed. Angry that they had lied to him, Donkey Kong chases them to a ladder, then pulls out the ladder and bends it into a dual cage. He then throws it into the prison truck.

Mario then shouts, "Two down and a gorilla to go!" Donkey Kong hears this, and takes out a football to fill it with enough air to escape, as a shocked Mario tries to contemplate how Donkey Kong "outscored them again". The episode ends with a floating Donkey Kong playfully shouting "Touchdown!".