Gorilla Gangster

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Saturday Supercade episode
"Gorilla Gangster"
Gorilla Gangster, a Saturday Supercade segment.
Segment Donkey Kong
Season 1
Episode 2
Airdate USA September 24, 1983
Writer(s) Gary Greenfield
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Gorilla Gangster is the second episode of the first season of Saturday Supercade.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The episode begins with Mario and Pauline in hot pursuit of Donkey Kong, warning everyone as he makes his way into a food market. As everyone runs for cover, Mario and Pauline continue their chase, believing they are finally about to catch him. Donkey Kong merely laughs and retreats to a grapefruit cart, as he proceeds to pick one up and chuckle. He then tips the cart over, causing the grapefruits to slow down Pauline and Mario, causing the latter to crash into a cart. At this, Donkey Kong enters an office for hiding, just at the conclusion of a gangster meeting, in which wealth from the bank is handed over. After the Hooligan brothers leave, however, the remaining gangster, Knuckles, reveals to his partner, Mugsy, that they have fallen for their swindle, and have kept the suitcase of cash and now plan to skip town to avoid capture.

As Knuckles explains that no one would be gullible enough to do such a thing, Donkey Kong is discovered having a banana. He is quickly determined to be the one for their plan, and Mugsy gives him a bunch of bananas, asking him if he would like as many as he can eat. Donkey Kong quickly accepts, and is told all he needs to do is to dress up as him. Donkey Kong pulls off his suit and attempts to do so then, but is told it will be done that night. That night, Donkey Kong is dressed as Mugsy, and is driven via limousine to the club as Mugsy stays behind. Before he is driven away, however, Donkey Kong brings two bunches of bananas with him. Before they depart, Mugsy reminds him to take on his role for the entire night. Donkey Kong kisses him before he is driven away, leaving a trail of banana peels behind the car along the way.

At this time, Mario and Pauline wander in search of Donkey Kong or his trail. They notice the trail of banana peels and decide to follow it. Meanwhile, Donkey Kong and Knuckles arrive at the club, as the Hooligan brothers who had been swindled take notice and plan to attack him, forcing him to cough up their share. At the hat check, Donkey Kong gives his several large hats to the receptionist. When asked if they have a reservation, Donkey Kong stutters, though when he is told he may not get in without one, threatens the waiter for a table.

They are then led to a table, where Donkey Kong takes the flower out of the vase provided and eats it. When the waitress arrives at their table, she is embraced by Donkey Kong, who quickly releases her when threatened. After he orders many items on the menu, she takes his order and leaves in disgust. The Hooligan brothers take this opportunity to prepare to threaten him, just as Mario and Pauline show up with a net. Though Mario claims he is not fooled by a disguise, he captures Knuckles instead. Mario releases him after Pauline points out his mistake. Knuckles then flees the scene. Now between Mario and Pauline and the Hooligan brothers, Donkey Kong refuses to let up. Mario swings his net, misses, and launches the gangsters into the overhead chandelier. When Pauline asks Donkey Kong nicely to return to the circus, he becomes seduced and takes off with her.

Mario follows suit, but trips and becomes trapped in his own net. Donkey Kong is chased up a flight of stairs, with Mario hoping to corner him. Finding a pile of pickle barrels at the top, Donkey Kong releases Pauline and tosses barrels down toward Mario, in reference to the original Donkey Kong. Mario hops over the first two in quick succession, but hammers the last one, causing him to slide to the bottom from the spilled pickle juice. Meanwhile, the brothers believe Mario and Pauline have been betrayed as well and decide to capture Pauline, who they mistaken to be Mugsy's girlfriend, and use her as a hostage in exchange for the loot. Having made it back to the top of the stairwell, Mario grabs a fire hose and inadvertently traps both of them in it, allowing Pauline to escape. However, this allows the gangsters to easily seize Pauline, and run off with her. Mario berates Donkey Kong for causing this, as he breaks them both out of the rope. Donkey Kong also rips off his attire and follows with Mario.

The Hooligan brothers arrive at the airport, along with Mario and Donkey Kong. The brothers rush to a jet, but are beaten to it by Mugsy and Knuckles, who start taxiing before they can negotiate. As they are distracted, Mario lassoes and rescues Pauline. The brothers decide not to take her back and instead run after and jump into the taxiing jet. As the criminals tussle, Donkey Kong is convinced to stop the plane from taking off by grabbing its tail. This causes the plane to snap in half. Mario and Pauline and Donkey Kong, disguised as a pilot and flight attendants respectively, trick them into boarding a different plane. All of the gangsters are trapped onto a luggage cart, as Mario uses a biplane to blow the sail, taking them into the luggage hold and trapping them all in luggage. All five of them are removed and arrested, much to their dismay. With the villains captured, Mario makes another attempt to capture Donkey Kong, though he flees on a luggage cart.