Mechanical bull

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Mechanical bull
The mechanical bull in Saturday Supercade
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("El Donkey Kong") (1984)

The mechanical bull is a robot appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "El Donkey Kong."

It first appears when Mario and Pauline first enter the bullring, where they spot Cabeza and his muscle man operating the bull with the intent of cheating in an upcoming bullfighting competition to win the prize money. As it knocks over some barrels in its path, one of them lands on Mario, causing the shady participants to recognize them. They then send the bull after them, causing Mario and Pauline to retreat.

It later appears during the competition, where Cabeza sends the bull after Mario and Pauline as they try to sneak up to Donkey Kong to warn him about it. During Donkey Kong's fight against the bull, the bull initially has the upper hand, but Donkey Kong begins turning the tide, allowing Mario and Pauline to snatch Cabeza's remote. He eventually tears apart the bull, causing the announcer to declare the bull as a fake, resulting in Donkey Kong winning by default. As Cabeza and his muscle man attempt to escape, Donkey Kong throws its remains on top of them.