Herman (Saturday Supercade)

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Herman and Donkey Kong

Herman is a carnivorous plant character in the Saturday Supercade episode, "Greenhouse Gorilla".

He first appears at the beginning of the episode, being cared for by Stanley. While Stanley was distracted with a bug, a thief named Mr. X stole Herman, and he and Donkey Kong took Herman with them to a supermarket. Donkey Kong and Herman managed to eat as much as they could find, and even the presence of Herman scared away the cashier. Herman ate part of the register, as well as part of Mario's vacuum trap he had used to stop Donkey Kong. Afterwards, Herman accompanied Donkey Kong to Hornby Manor's Great Ball, scaring and disgusting many of the other attendees. Herman and Stanley reunited, but when Stanley was distracted by another bug, Mr. X stole Herman again. Herman then aided Donkey Kong in double-crossing Mr. X by holding him at bay until the police arrived. The last time Herman was seen was when he was waving to Donkey Kong as the latter was leaving.