Solmes and Kenworth

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Solmes and Kenworth in Saturday Supercade
Solmes (right) and Kenworth (left)

Solmes and Kenworth are characters in the Saturday Supercade episode How Much is That Gorilla in the Window?. They are the two escorts of Brian and his implied parents, and together they attempt to steal the family's jewels to take over the mansion.

They first appear at the beginning of the episode, where they escorted Brian to a local pet store while they discussed their plans. They were shocked to see Donkey Kong follow Brian out of the store and into the limousine.

During Brian's birthday party, Donkey Kong accidentally drenched Kenworth in icing. Solmes sent him away to wash himself off, then gave Brian a bike for him and Donkey Kong to ride on. Kenworth attempted to open the safe, but Brian and Donkey Kong crashed into him. Though Kenworth was able to lie his way out of the situation, Solmes then realized that Donkey Kong posed a threat to their goals.

Kenworth attempted to call a local zoo, telling them that Donkey Kong was an "escaped animal", but Brian was able to spy on him. Once Brian knew what Kenworth was up to, he fired him and ordered Donkey Kong to literally boot him out, prompting Solmes to tell Kenworth to get back inside at all costs.

When Mario and Pauline arrived at the scene, Kenworth claimed that Donkey Kong was dangerous, and asked them to capture him. After Mario's "Acme Laundry" plan failed, Brian and Donkey Kong decided to head to a golf course. Solmes and Kenworth used this as an opportunity to booby-trap one of the water pits with fresh concrete. Though Mario accidentally fell into the concrete while he was trying to capture Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong too became a victim of the trap when he recklessly attempted to rescue Mario. Wasting no time, Solmes and Kenworth stole the safe to the jewels from Donkey Kong's hand.

Fleeing to a nearby closet, Solmes and Kenworth put on some ape costumes to attempt to escape. However, Brian did not buy their disguises, and he and Donkey Kong threw bowling balls at them. They were ejected out the main entrance and straight into the same animal control officer Kenworth had called earlier. The officer, apparently buying their disguises, sent them "back" to the local zoo without even a second thought.


  • Solmes and Kenworth are two of the very few antagonists in the Donkey Kong segments of Saturday Supercade where their post-episode fate is seen, rather than simply hinted at like in most other episodes.