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Full name Marilyn
Species Human
First appearance "Wild Thing"
Portrayed by Moon Unit Zappa

Marilyn is a young, party-going woman who dresses in leather and listens to loud rock music with her gang of four unnamed friends. She is also a niece of Mario and Luigi's. It is suggested that she is related to them through her mother's side of the family, but this relationship is never fully explained. She was played by Moon Unit Zappa, best known as the daughter of rocker Frank Zappa.


During the events of "Wild Thing", Marilyn showed up at Mario Brothers Plumbing one weekend, meeting up with her two uncles for the first time in quite a while. Despite being uninvited, Marilyn explained that her mom told her that they wouldn't mind if she and her friends stopped by for the weekend. Before Mario and Luigi could object, Marilyn's friends joined her in Mario Brothers Plumbing and proceeded to dance with her to her loud music.

Marilyn and her friends were oblivious to the fact that Mario and Luigi were perturbed over their arrival and kept on dancing. She eventually asked Mario and Luigi if they wanted to join in, but they declined. As her party was greatly annoying them, Mario and Luigi eventually decided that Marilyn had to leave. However, neither of them wanted to tell their niece to leave, and opted to draw straws; the loser had to speak to Marilyn. Luigi, however, rigged the straws to make Mario lose.

Before Mario could convey his message, Marilyn announced that she and her friends were moving the party to the beach. Luigi noted that Brooklyn had no beaches, only for Marilyn to state that they would be staying with her Uncle Troy in California. With that said, Marilyn and her friends left Mario Brothers Plumbing, leaving Mario and Luigi in peace for the time being.