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Not to be confused with Poochy.
Species Dog
First appearance "Cher's Poochie"

Poochie is a bulldog and the pet of the famous actress Cher in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "Cher's Poochie", Cher, having an emergency dimple appointment with her plastic surgeon, decides to leave Poochie in the care of Mario and Luigi; unfortunately, as Luigi shows Cher out of Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario decides to show Poochie his Pizza Transformer, only to be zapped by the Pizza Transformer and have his body switched with Poochie's body.

Poochie, having seemingly not realized he was now in Mario's body, began to bark and yip at Luigi when he returned to the apartment; after doing this, Poochie left the apartment to chase a cat outside, leaving an extremely confused Luigi with Mario, who, despite being in Poochie's body, could talk.

Later, Poochie, having given up his chasing of a cat, re-entered Mario Brothers Plumbing just before Cher returned to the place. Having not been told about Poochie and Mario's switching of bodies, Cher, after being confused as to why "Mario" was pawing at her, went over to "Poochie" and subsequently fainted after hearing him talk in Mario's voice.

With Cher unconscious, Luigi, having managed to get Poochie and Mario to sit near the Pizza Transformer, tried to get them to switch bodies with one another. Though Luigi did succeed in putting Mario's mind back into his own body, Poochie's mind was accidentally put into the nearby Cher's body, leaving Mario and Luigi panicking while trying to calm down a rapidly barking "Cher".

During the ending segment, Cher is seen talking in her normal voice, implying that the Mario Bros. returned Poochie to his original body.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Poochie