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Species Human
First appearance "Marianne and Luigeena"
Portrayed by Lou Albano

Marianne is an obese woman and the cousin of Mario and Luigi, who perceive her as annoying; she bears a slight resemblance to Mario (they are both played by Lou Albano).

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "Marianne and Luigeena", Marianne, along with her apparent sister, Luigeena, called Mario and Luigi on the phone and, after hearing Lyle Alzado would be visiting Mario Brothers Plumbing, decided to go over, much to Luigi's dismay.

Arriving at Mario Brothers Plumbing, Marianne and Luigeena noticed that Mario and Luigi weren't home, but Lyle Alzado was there instead. Marianne and Luigeena instantly began trying to flirt with the disturbed Lyle upon seeing him.

After a while, Marianne managed to convince Luigeena to leave and look for Mario and Luigi, leaving her and Lyle alone. Continually flirting with Lyle, Marianne was eventually separated from Lyle by the recently appeared Luigi. As Luigi began to try and explain things to Lyle, Marianne decided to leave to search for Luigeena, though not before reminding Lyle of their upcoming date, much to Lyle's horror.

Marianne, as well as Luigeena, appeared again shortly afterwards to tell Lyle that her date with him was canceled, as the two had recently seen Mel Gibson and had decided to follow him home; the two then left, leaving a somewhat disappointed Lyle behind.