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This article is about a character from Mobile Golf. For an item from the Mario & Luigi series, see Bean. For the queen of the Beanbean Kingdom, see Queen Bean.
Artwork of Bean riding a horse for the Mobile Golf game on Game Boy Color
Artwork from Mobile Golf
Species Human
First appearance Mobile Golf (2001)

Bean is a rowdy, childish golfer in Mobile Golf. His name refers to his size and stature as a young boy. He is the champion of the first tournament that the player must defeat in singles. Along with Rozary, Powert and Bird, Bean is one of the four human golfers that the player must face in four singles tournaments, similar to the fashion of Mario Golf for the Game Boy Color. His Mario Golf counterpart is Putts.


  • Camelot website: まだ子供だけど、自分では一人前のカウボーイだと思っている。毎日牧場で練習してるから、ラフで本領発揮かな!?[1] (He's just a kid, but he thinks he's a full-fledged cowboy. He practices every day on the ranch, so I guess he'll show his true colors on the rough!)
  • Nintendo website: まだまだ子供ですが、気分は一人前のカウボーイ。毎日牧場でゴルフの練習をしているので、なかなかの腕前です。[2] (He is still just a kid, but he feels like a full-fledged cowboy. He practices golf at the ranch every day, so he is quite good at it.)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビーン


  • The horse he is seen with in artwork does not appear in the actual game.