Vincent Van Gook

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“Vincent Van Gook; he never sits when he works!”
Vincent Van Gook, The Artist
Vincent Van Gook
Vincent Van Gook
Species Human
First appearance "The Artist"
Portrayed by Larry Gelman

Vincent Van Gook is a con-artist who poses as a knowledgeable and talented artist. He speaks with a French accent when he is acting as an artist, though he speaks with a Brooklyn accent when his con is revealed. His name and appearance are based off of the real-life artist Vincent van Gogh.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "The Artist", Vincent calls Luigi to tell him that he won the art competition with his drawing of the Tippy Turtle (claiming that his Tippy Turtle was "the best ever"), and that he is coming over to act as an instructor to Luigi. Once Vincent arrives, he sets up an easel and canvas and lays down some of the basic rules of artistry, including always carrying a sharpened pencil and never going swimming right after eating. Mario, distracted by Vincent, drops a plate of spaghetti on the floor. Vincent immediately declares the pasta on the floor as a masterpiece and declares Mario an artist. Soon, they are discussing art with each other and Vincent tells Mario to teach Luigi instead of himself. While Luigi, annoyed, goes to read the newspaper, he tells Mario that his services as a teacher will cost $1500 for a week, which surprises him. Vincent is then revealed to be a conman by an article in the newspaper, and quickly storms out of the building before either of them can stop him.

When the Mario Brothers tell the viewers to Do the Mario in the ending segment, Vincent is seen with them in handcuffs, indicating that he has been arrested for his crimes.