Madam AGoGo

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Madam AGoGo
Madam AGoGo.
Species Human
First appearance "Fortune Teller"
Portrayed by Kaye Ballard
“I feel,... I feel... I feel someone stepping on my foot!”
Madam AGoGo, Fortune Teller

Madam AGoGo is a mysterious fortune teller who lives in Brooklyn, New York City and runs a fortune telling and seance business there.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Fortune Teller", Mario and Luigi, wanting to know what prize they might win in the Big Time Celebrity Prize Sweepstake Giveaway began to look through the Brooklyn Area Yellow Pages for a fortune teller; after some searching, Mario and Luigi saw Madam AGoGo's advertisement in it and, seeing that it directly addressed them, telling Mario and Luigi to call her to discover what prize they won, Mario and Luigi decided to give Madam AGoGo a call.

Eventually arriving at Mario Brothers Plumbing, Madam AGoGo set up her crystal ball and, after some shrieking caused by a bad lunch of chili peppers and after being paid twenty-five dollars by Luigi, begins a séance to summon spirits to tell her what Mario and Luigi would win in the Big Time Celebrity Prize Sweepstake Giveaway. After some concentration and after the lights of the apartment dim, Madam AGoGo dramatically states that either all of Mario or Luigi's questions would be answered or they will need to play a game of Ring Around the Rosie.

Later, still overseeing her crystal ball, Madam AGoGo states that she thinks she's done it, only to announce seconds later that either Mario or Luigi is stepping on her foot. After Mario or Luigi remove their foot, Madam AGoGo exclaims that a presence is listening and tells Mario and Luigi to ask their question. Doing so, Mario asks Madam AGoGo if he and Luigi will win a prize in the Big Time Celebrity Prize Sweepstake Giveaway, which Madam AGoGo responds to with a yes. After answering Mario, Madam AGoGo states that, for a bonus round, Mario and Luigi may ask her another question. As the bonus question, Luigi asks Madam AGoGo if he and Mario will win a date with either Sophia Loren, Annette Funicello, Madonna or Scott Baio as their prize in the Big Time Celebrity Prize Sweepstake Giveaway. To answer Luigi, Madam AGoGo states that she isn't seeing any of the celebrities Luigi mentioned, but does state that he and Mario will win a date with a beautiful and mysterious woman as a consolation prize.

After foretelling this, Madam AGoGo abruptly stops her spirit channeling to loudly exclaim that she is hungry and proceeds to ask Mario and Luigi if they want to get some Thai Food with her. After Mario and Luigi answer her with a no, Madam AGoGo quickly leaves after saying her goodbyes. After Madam AGoGo leaves, Mario and Luigi check what the consolation prize is and are shocked and startled to learn that the mysterious and beautiful woman Madam AGoGo told them about, was Madam AGoGo.