Sonny (Mario Golf)

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“It's a Sonny day!”
Sonny, Mario Golf (Nintendo 64)
Mario Golf character
Drive 240 yards
Shot High draw
Description A bright and happy golfer, Sonny is very talented and sticks to a traditional play style.
How to unlock Get Character mode

Sonny is a peppy human male golfer in the Mario Golf series. His only appearance being in Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64, he is the third character unlocked in the Get Character mode. Sonny's attire consists of a red polo shirt and tan pants, as well as a brown cowboy hat. The only times he is seen without his hat is when the player scores an eagle shot or higher, after which Sonny tosses it off and exuberantly shouts "Yahoo!", or, if having scored a bogey or lower, hangs it in shame with a resenting "Oh, no!". He is voiced by David White.[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サニー[2]


  • Sonny and Plum are the only two human golfers whose skin color can be changed from light to dark at the character select screen.