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This article is about the playable character from Mario Golf. For the FP-healing item from the Paper Mario series, see Maple Syrup.
Mario Golf character
Drive 245 yards (223 meters)
Shot High and Straight
Description This energetic gal is the best female player in the circuit.
How to unlock Earn 50 birdie badges

Maple is an excitable and energetic playable human character in the Nintendo 64 Mario Golf. Out of all the characters who have a straight-shot, hers is the most powerful. She can be unlocked by earning 50 birdie badges in Tournament Mode.

Although Maple does not make an appearance in Mario Golf for the Game Boy Color, she is mentioned on the tournament board.


Maple wears a pink-and-white golfer top, a pair of blue shorts, and a visor with the letter "N" (likely for Nintendo) labeled on it.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メイプル


  • "Oh yes!" - Mario Golf
  • "Oh no!" - Mario Golf
  • "Here I am!" - Mario Golf
  • "Here we go!" - Mario Golf
  • "Okay!" — Mario Golf


  • In development, Maple's original name was Plum, and was supposed to be related to Peach, similar to Azalea and Daisy. The concept was removed by Camelot Software before release.[1]


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