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The human character Grampie.

Grampie is a human character that appears in Mario Golf: Advance Tour. He is the owner of the old Golf course, Coo-Coo Course, which has not been used for many years and has been overgrown. He lives in a cottage next to the golf course with his wife Grammie. He has problems with his back and knees.

When the player comes to Coo-Coo Course, Grampie lies in his bed in his house. He is in a very bad mood, because no one wants to play at his golf course anymore. If the player talks to him, he asks if the player wants to play at his golf course. If the player does, they need to score a par (5) or better. If the player can do it, he immediately becomes much happier, gives a Custom Ticket C to the player and longs to "The Young Golfer" (which he calls the player) to come back and play again.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おジイさん
Japanese term meaning "grandfather", also used generally towards elderly men
Italian Nonno Gramps