Roller Stars

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Roller Stars
The Roller Stars from the Saturday Supercade episode "The Amazing Rollerskate Race"
From left to right: Nito, TJ, the unnamed member, and Anita
First appearance "The Amazing Rollerskate Race"
Member species

The Roller Stars are a group of four human rollerskaters who appear in the Saturday Supercade episode "The Amazing Rollerskate Race". They consist of Anita, Nito, TJ, and another unnamed member.

They are first seen in the episode practicing for an upcoming race in Mexico City, only for Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones to accidentally disturb them while attempting to ride past them. After they explain their desire to purchase a new clubhouse for themselves, their skates are stolen by two thieves. After Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones get them back, they tag along with the Roller Stars in case the thieves strike back.

Once the group arrives at the event, Donkey Kong Jr. takes them out to warm up using his father's techniques. However, the thieves strike back and steal the skates again, prompting Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones to pursue them again. They eventually reclaim the skates in time for the event to begin, allowing the Roller Stars to quickly rise up the ranks. The thieves once again attempt to steal the skates by knocking over a fruit cart to trip up the Roller Stars, but TJ vaults over the trap, and the thieves kidnap the other three members of the group in the meantime while secretly pursuing TJ. Eventually, Donkey Kong Jr. ties up the thieves and frees the remaining three Roller Stars, and they watch as TJ wins the race. The prize money earned (plus the reward money for the thieves' arrest) is enough to buy them their new clubhouse, and the four of them thank Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones for their help.