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Species Sea lion
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("The Great Seal Steal") (1983)

Belinda is a sea lion who appears in the Saturday Supercade episode "The Great Seal Steal" and is the mother of Flippie. She and Flippie live in a pool in the Oceanland amusement park being taken care of by a lady.

Belinda first appears when Bones falls into their pool while playing ball with Flippie. She and Flippie then lift Bones out of their pool at the request of their caretaker. Belinda then laughs when Flippie spits water at Bones as payback for falling in. When Flippie is stolen by Clyde and his partner, Belinda asks Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones to rescue her son, which they then head off to do. Belinda later appears as Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones arrive back with Flippie, who hugs her. They then headbutt Bones to show appreciation and jump into their pool with him.