Slick and Shorty

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Slick and Shorty
Slick and Shorty in Saturday Supercade
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("The Ventriloquist Caper") (1983)
Species Humans

Slick and Shorty are a group of characters appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "The Ventriloquist Caper."

They first appear as Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones arrive at the Golden Bridge Theatre, where they peek behind wall. As Dandy Andy walks by them, they throw a curtain over him and carry him into the basement. They then steal his and his doll's clothes and pose as them during their performance. They then steal the jewelry of two wealthy women and head off to a diamond exhibition at the San Francisco Hotel for their next heist.

On the floor the diamond is stored on, Shorty manages to enter the safe room after Slick convinces the guards that his "doll" might be lost, allowing them to steal the diamond. They then escape out a nearby window using suction cups, but their plan is foiled when Donkey Kong Jr. pushes out the window of the room he is in as they climb onto it, causing them to fall, though he later saves them by throwing a plunger tied to a rope down to the window they are on and pulling it into the room. Slick and Shorty are not seen for the rest of the episode, though it is assumed they were arrested for their crimes.