Rocky Mountain Monkey Business

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Saturday Supercade episode
"Rocky Mountain Monkey Business"
SaturdaySupercade RockyMountainMonkeyBusiness.png
Segment Donkey Kong Jr.
Season 1
Episode 3
Airdate USA October 1, 1983
Writer(s) Rick Merwin
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"Rocky Mountain Monkey Business" is the third episode of Saturday Supercade's Donkey Kong Jr. segment.

Plot synopsis[edit]

While riding through the Rocky Mountains, Bones realizes that he and Donkey Kong Jr. lost the trail. They climb the nearby trees to scope the area, only for Bones to fall and accidentally disturb nature observer Mr. Barkley and his apprentices, the Nature Scouts. Taking note of Mr. Barkley's extensive knowledge of the Rockies, a man and his pet grizzly bear, Bruno, decide to use Mr. Barkley to help him find the money he hid before going to prison. He sends out Bruno to capture Mr. Barkley, prompting Donkey Kong Jr., Bones, and the Nature Scouts to follow.

At an old, abandoned ranger's cabin, the thief coerces Mr. Barkley into telling him why he cannot find his stolen loot, to which Mr. Barkley replies that the Twin Falls River altered its course to block the entrance to Clearwater Cave. When the Nature Scouts recognize him as the same man who used to be in a circus with Bruno, only for both of them to be arrested for a bank robbery, Donkey Kong Jr. devises a plan, hollowing out some tree bark for the Nature Scouts to disguise themselves. He then lures the thief outside, allowing the Nature Scouts to ensnare him in reference to Ring a Ring o' Roses. However, as Bones attempts to untie Mr. Barkley, he accidentally kicks Bruno, who promptly chases him. Donkey Kong Jr. decides to unleash "Monkey Muscle!", using a smokestack to trap Bruno in. Bones, however, accidentally rams into Bruno, freeing him and allowing the criminal duo to capture the Nature Scouts and leave for the Twin Falls River.

Having followed the criminals' speedboat to the Twin Falls River, Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones use a log to move along the rapids. When the thief and Bruno spot the duo, Bruno blocks a fork of the river with a boulder. Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones are caught along a waterfall, but Donkey Kong Jr. pulls out a fishing rod to snag onto a nearby tree, allowing them to safely move down the waterfall. Noticing a cave behind another nearby waterfall, Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones deduce the cave to be the one that Bruno and the human thief are looking for, and promptly enter it.

Meanwhile, Bruno smashes a rock buildup, allowing the thief to take back his loot. However, this also causes some unplugged water to seep out of the crack, causing the Nature Scouts and Mr. Barkley to get stranded on a nearby boulder just as Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones arrive. As the Nature Scouts cry for help, Donkey Kong Jr. throws some rocks in the crevice to partially re-plug it, then grabs the boulder Mr. Barkley and the Nature Scouts are trapped on to bring them to safety. As the thief and Bruno return and realize the path they took was a loop, Donkey Kong Jr. wrestles with Bruno and wins. As the thief refuses to give up, Bones briefly unplugs some water from the crevice, which lands a direct hit on the thief and knocks him out. To ensure that they do not escape again, Donkey Kong Jr. ties them up using the chain from the treasure chest the loot is inside.

As Mr. Barkley thanks Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones for helping them take care of the thief and Bruno, one of the Nature Scouts pulls a prank on the duo by disguising himself as a bear; Bones then jumps into the stew pot and eats some of the stew inside. Donkey Kong Jr. then grabs Bones and takes off as they continue their search for Donkey Kong.


Animation and continuity errors[edit]

  • In one scene at the beginning of the episode, Bones has five fingers on each hand instead of four.
  • When Bruno's partner says he will teach Donkey Kong Jr., his mouth does not move.
  • In several scenes when Bruno and his partner are sailing across the river, Mr. Barkley's glove is missing.
  • When Bruno's partner mentions that Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones are still chasing them, Mr. Barkley's hat turns the same color as his hair.
  • As Bruno's partner blinks as he refuses to give up, his eyebrows turn the same color as his skin.