Kid Dynamo

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Kid Dynamo (right) and Lightning (left) from Saturday Supercade
Kid Dynamo with Lightning
“Kid Dynamo to the rescue!”
Kid Dynamo, Junior Meets Kid Dynamo

Kid Dynamo (given name: Ricky) is a character in the Saturday Supercade episode Junior Meets Kid Dynamo. He is a ten-year-old boy with superhuman strength who fights notorious crooks.

He first appears at the beginning of the episode, saving a falling Bones, but failed to stop his nemesis Dr. Demise. He appeared later on with his dog Lightning, and stopped Lightning from interrogating Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones, having met them before. Lightning explained that the dust from a meteor is what gives them their powers, and Kid Dynamo invited them over to his house.

As Donkey Kong Jr., Bones, Ricky, and Lightning talked about how to stop Dr. Demise, Ricky's father asks him to rake the leaves; he does so, exhibiting his superhuman strength. Not long after, Dr. Demise showed up and kidnapped Lightning, prompting Kid Dynamo to go after him; this was actually a trap set up by Dr. Demise in order to chemically eradicate his superhuman powers. After he was saved from a crushing wall trap that Dr. Demise had set up thanks to Donkey Kong Jr.'s quick maneuver, Kid Dynamo freed Lightning, who gave him some additional meteor dust to replenish his powers.

He then went after Dr. Demise at Sweetville Station, luring him into a pine tree to cover his helicopter in pine needles. Kid Dynamo then destroyed the helicopter and caught Dr. Demise, ending his schemes once and for all.

Back at his house, he had dinner with Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones before they would take off again in search of Donkey Kong. Ricky's mother told him to eat vegetables to grow strong, with Lightning hinting that he is already strong enough because he is the true identity of Kid Dynamo.