King (Saturday Supercade)

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Biff and King from Saturday Supercade
King with Biff

King is a character appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode Sheep Rustle Hustle. He is a large Havanese dog belonging to Biff, and together they own a ranch consisting mainly of sheep.

He first appeared alongside his owner when Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones hopped the fence, and, after a small skirmish with Bones, immediately forgave the duo for their trespassing. Before long, however, the Sheep Rustlers attacked, capturing all of the sheep as well as King while he was trying to stop them.

He is not seen again until Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones are thrown into the same cell, and digs through the floor to rescue them. He is then congratulated by Donkey Kong Jr. for his own "wrestling skills".