Gorilla Ghost (character)

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The Gorilla Ghost
The Gorilla Ghost.

The Gorilla Ghost is a character from the Saturday Supercade episode of the same name. He is a human in a gorilla costume who assists Aurora, and together they exploit many zoo animals to grab all of the gold they can mine. His real name is unknown.

The Gorilla Ghost first appears in his gorilla costume to capture the elephants, and successfully does so even amidst attempts by Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones to stop him. He then proceeded to capture Uncle Julius, though was momentarily distracted by Bones and chased him. Uncle Julius then ripped off his mask, blowing his ruse, but he continued to chase Bones until Donkey Kong Jr. managed to intercept him with some banana peels. He was then rescued by Aurora, who captured the meddling trio.

The Gorilla Ghost's true identity.
The true identity of the Gorilla Ghost.

Aurora then left the Gorilla Ghost to monitor Donkey Kong Jr., Bones, and Uncle Julius while she checked on the elephants. The trio managed to throw him into a minecart to distract them, allowing them enough time to escape. He reported the trio's escape to Aurora, oblivious to the fact that they were hiding in the boulders he was leaning on. After Aurora discovered and tied them up again, the Gorilla Ghost escaped along with Aurora and all the gold they had found.

However, it wasn't long before they were being chased by the trio again. The Gorilla Ghost attempted to close the entrance gates to stop Donkey Kong Jr. and Uncle Julius, but they simply ripped out the gates to bend them into a cage. Bones then landed on Aurora and the Gorilla Ghost, knocking them out. The elephants then picked both of them up and dropped them into the makeshift cage, where they were humorously dubbed "Crook Exhibit". The Gorilla Ghost's exact fate is left unknown, but he was presumably arrested along with Aurora.