Double or Nothing

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Saturday Supercade episode
"Double or Nothing"
SaturdaySupercade DoubleorNothing.png
Segment Donkey Kong Jr.
Season 1
Episode 13
Airdate USA December 10, 1983
Writer(s) Matt Uitz
Michael Maurer
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"Double or Nothing" is the thirteenth episode of Saturday Supercade's Donkey Kong Jr. segment. The title may be a reference to double or nothing, a gamble where player repeats the same bet for the same wager. It may also be reference to the musical comedy film Double or Nothing.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones head to a mansion amidst dry lightning. Once they arrive, Bones's cousin Lucy Belle greets them. She exclaims that she might inherit the mansion, but that two figures might be trying to stalk her. Just as Donkey Kong Jr. attempts to reassure her, one of the figures captures her. Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones give chase, only to be hindered by the other suspicious figure.

The figures successfully escape with Lucy Belle, and Bones grieves over her losing the mansion. However, Donkey Kong Jr. comes up with a plan, and puts it into action by disguising Bones as Lucy Belle. "Lucy Belle" is then escorted by Donkey Kong Jr. to the meeting regarding the mansion inheritance will by Colonel Hubert Jefferson. Mr. Bancroft then reads the will, which states that Lucy Belle can only inherit the mansion if she solves a certain puzzle by midnight. Donkey Kong Jr. deduces that the puzzle is, in fact, a rebus. However, before Bones can assess the situation regarding the rebus, one of the figures, apparently having bought Bones's Lucy Belle disguise, captures him; Donkey Kong Jr. gives chase.

Swinging on a clothesline to perch on a nearby tree while watching the figure, Donkey Kong Jr. unleashes a "Jungle Judo", sawing off tree logs to distract the figure. He manages to drop Bones, but when Donkey Kong Jr. tries to catch up with the figure, Bones accidentally lands on Donkey Kong Jr., causing the figure to escape again. The duo does, however, find where Lucy Belle is being held. Donkey Kong Jr., in reference to The Three Little Pigs, uses his breath to knock the door down. He then frees Lucy Belle while Bones assesses the situation to her regarding the rebus.

While the real Lucy Belle begins to work on the rebus, Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones, still in his Lucy Belle disguise, work on a plan to draw in the figures. Just then, the figures arrive to capture "Lucy Belle" once and for all. Bones knocks down a table and lures them into orbiting it, while Donkey Kong Jr. sends out some apples to draw them back into the table. Donkey Kong Jr. then throws dough on them to "bake a pie out of those two bad apples". However, Bones accidentally falls out of the room, and as Donkey Kong Jr. tries to help him, he accidentally allows the figures to escape, and some dough to fall on him. The figures then throw Donkey Kong Jr. into a nearby laundry chute so that they can really capture "Lucy Belle" once and for all.

The figures proceed to chase Bones through the corridor, with the real Lucy Belle horrified. As Bones accidentally runs into a wall, his wig falls off, causing the figures to rush towards the real Lucy Belle. She attempts to fight back by throwing a nearby vase, but the figures simply vault over the vase and tear out the carpet she is standing on, catching one of the pieces to the rebus.

Meanwhile, Donkey Kong Jr. manages to use two metal coils as springs to propel himself back to Bones and Lucy Belle, snatching the stolen rebus piece out of one of the figures' hands. He then unleashes "Monkey Muscle!", then grabs the helmets of two suits of armor, and swings on a chandelier to place the helmets onto the figures' heads, blinding them and knocking them out. Donkey Kong Jr. then tears off their disguises, revealing them to be Mr. Bancroft and Hugo. Bones then removes the will from Mr. Bancroft's trenchcoat pocket, revealing that if the rebus is not solved by midnight, Mr. Bancroft is given the mansion instead. With the little time she has, Lucy Belle resolves to solve the rebus.

Lucy Belle manages to solve the rebus just ten seconds to midnight, arranging "run", "pool", "stilt", and "can" to form Rumplestiltskin, her favorite fairy tale and the one her great grandfather would always read to her when she was younger. Just then, the nearby clock chimes to indicate midnight, and the protagonists celebrate. Lucy Belle admits that it was actually all thanks to Donkey Kong Jr. and "cousin Lucy Bones" for allowing her to solve the puzzle, as the three of them laugh together.