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Flippie in Saturday Supercade
Species Sea lion
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("The Great Seal Steal") (1983)

Flippie is a sea lion appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "The Great Seal Steal."

Flippie first appears at Oceanland, where he plays with her mother, Belinda. He is stolen by Clyde when he uses an extendable net to capture him while their caretaker asks them to perform another trick. As Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones's ball is deflated by a nail, Flippie leaves a trail of fish for them to follow, leading them to a hotel.

At the hotel, Clyde's partner places a collar on him that puts the latter under the former's command, before commanding him to jump off the balcony. Bones attempts to capture him with a net as he snatches a woman's necklace, but misses and falls into her floaty tube.

On a yacht, Donkey Kong Jr. attempts to save Flippie after taking off his belly dancer disguise, but Clyde's partner commands him to drop a net on him when he runs over a hatch, before commanding him to open the hatch to drop him into a cargo hold. He then commands him to enter a nearby vent. During a sultan's ceremony, Flippie puts a pearl on his nose. Bones, also in belly dancer attire, attempts to grab him, but this also reveals his ruse. He then chases him as he runs off with the pearl, with the sultan and his servants in pursuit. After Jr. stops the servants with a bucket of soap, Bones asks Flippie to come with him. However, at this moment, Clyde's partner commands him to return to their boat.

On the boat, Clyde's partner removes the collar from Flippie, freeing him from his control. As he attempts to stop Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones when they pursue them with a shark, Flippie trips him. He then retrieves the stolen pearl and jumps over to Jr. and Bones to return it to them.

Back at Oceanland, Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones return Flippie to her mother, who both reward the latter with a headbutt, making everyone laugh.