Pam Matteson

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“Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone?! Oh where, oh where can he be?!”
Pam Matteson, Lost Dog
Pam Matteson
Pam Matteson
Pam Matteson
Species Human
First appearance "Lost Dog"
Portrayed by Herself

Pam Matteson (September 23, 1953–June 2015) was an actress whom played herself in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. She plays an apparent friend and possible neighbor of Mario and Luigi in Mario Brothers Plumbing.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "Lost Dog", Pam, having lost her dog, Ike, decides to ask for help from Mario and Luigi in finding Ike. Bursting into Mario and Luigi's apartment, Pam, hysterical and sobbing, tells Mario and Luigi of Ike's disappearance. Giving Pam his handkerchief to loudly blow her nose, Luigi tells her he and Mario will help her search for Ike. Pam then gives the handkerchief back to Luigi, and says that she is starting to feel better and that she has "always depended on the kindness of strangers", going on to add that Mario and Luigi certainly are strange enough.

Later, as Mario searches for Ike with the periscope of Mario Brothers Plumbing, Luigi tends to Pam, who is eating some pizza, which she says is fine, but that it reminds her of Ike. After sobbing some more thinking of Ike, who Mario says he does not see, Pam, as well as Mario, rush to a nearby, ringing telephone, which Luigi answers. As Luigi talks on the telephone, he motions to Pam that the called is not calling to say they spotted Ike, which leads to Pam crying some more with Mario comforting her.

Before he finishes talking on the telephone, Luigi tells the caller, Reilly, that he will not miss his Birdy Lovers meeting on the weekend; as Luigi finishes his call, Mario, having hears Luigi's comment about the Birdy Lovers, says that if Luigi can dog call as good as he can bird call, he can help Pam find Ike much quicker. As Luigi mulls over Mario's comment about dog calling, Pam begins to cry once again, saying that Ike used to call dogs all the time.

Later, Pam, having heard Luigi's plan to try and call Ike by using dog calls, asks him if he believed his plan would actually work. Reassuring Pam, Luigi quotes the book he is holding, "Hanson's Guide to Doggie Dialogue", saying that if he can replicate the noise Ike's breed of dog makes, he can make Ike come running to Mario Brothers Plumbing. Before he tries to call Ike though, Luigi decides to test his dog calling, only to succeed in making the noise of a sheep and a pig instead of a dog.

Claiming that there is something wrong with his throat, Luigi begins to try and clear it as Mario asked Pam what kind of dog Ike is anyway. Pam tells Mario that Ike is part poodle, part Basset Hound, a little bit of country and rock and roll. After learning this from Pam, Mario askes Luigi if he can call mixed dogs like Ike, to which Luigi replies that he is unsure. Deciding to call Ike anyways, Luigi makes an extremely bizarre noise, which manages to lure Ike to Mario Brothers Plumbing.

Overjoyed at having found Ike, Pam picks him up and thanks Luigi for having helped her find him, saying that Luigi is a dog genius.