Tommy Treehugger

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Tommy Treehugger with Co-MC

Tommy Treehugger, erroneously listed in the credits as Tommytreehugger, is a teenage human who appears in the Club Mario segments of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and The Legend of Zelda. Tommy Treehugger is a big rock and roll fan as well as a fan of Mario. He, along with Co-MC, are the two hosts of this show. Evil Eric, Co-MC's brother, causes trouble for Tommy. Tammy Treehugger is Tommy's youngest sister, who is more of a pest. Throughout the episodes, Co-MC and Tommy Treehugger goof around, although Co-MC is slightly more serious on set. When Co-MC dressed as a pirate, Tommy was made to play a parrot by looking over Co-MC's shoulder. Tommy did not like playing a parrot, but Co-MC says it is his own fault as he was a no-show at the staff meetings which would determine the Club Mario themes, unlike Co-MC who got the pirate role because he went.


  • His last name, Treehugger, is a slang term for environmentalist. Although Tommy brings up a couple of environmental issues during the show's run, his persona is more of a California surfer stereotype, preferring to enjoy life and do his job on Club Mario.