Tommy Treehugger

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Tommy Treehugger with Co M.C.

Tommy Treehugger is a teenage human who appears in the Club Mario segments of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show and The Legend of Zelda. Tommy Treehugger is a big rock and roll fan as well as a fan of Mario. He, along with Co M.C., are the two hosts of this show. Evil Eric, Co M.C.'s brother, causes trouble for Tommy. Tammy Treehugger is Tommy's youngest sister, who is more of a pest. Throughout the episodes, Co M.C. and Tommy Treehugger goof around, although Co M.C. is slightly more serious on set. When Co M.C. dressed as a pirate, Tommy was made to play a parrot by looking over Co M.C.'s shoulder. Tommy did not like playing a parrot, but Co M.C. says it is his own fault as he was a no-show at the staff meetings which would determine the Club Mario themes, unlike Co M.C. who got the pirate role because he went.


  • His last name, Treehugger, is a slang term for environmentalist. Although Tommy brings up a couple of environmental issues during the show's run, his persona is more of a California surfer stereotype, preferring to enjoy life and do his job on Club Mario.