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Artwork of Rozary for Mobile Golf
Species Human
First appearance Mobile Golf (2001)

Rozary is a female golfer in Mobile Golf. Her name is derived from the rosary, a set of Catholic prayers dedicated to Mother Mary. She is the champion of the second tournament that the player must defeat in singles. Along with Bean, Powert and Bird, she is one of the four human golfers players must face in four singles tournaments, similar to the fashion of Mario Golf for the Game Boy Color. Her Mario Golf counterpart is Grace.


  • Camelot website: ラテンの血を引く彼女のスウィングは、リズム感ばっちり!どうやら逆境に立たされてからが強いようだ。[1] (She has Latin blood, and her swing has a great sense of rhythm! Apparently, she is strong in the face of adversity.)
  • Nintendo website: 明るく活発で、逆境に強い性格の彼女。ラテンの血を引く、リズム感あるプレイが持ち味です。[2] (She is bright, lively, and has a strong personality against adversity. She has Latin blood and plays with a sense of rhythm.)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロザリィ