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This article is about James, a minor character from the Super Mario Bros. film. For the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! character, see King James. For James, the soul of Sir Steal-A-Lot from Wario: Master of Disguise, see List of implied characters § James.
Species Human
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Portrayed by Preston Lane

James is a minor character who briefly appears in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film. He is shown working at a New York University archaeological dig, alongside paleontology students and Daisy. After Anthony Scapelli threatens Daisy to leave the site so that he can continue his construction project, Daisy tells James she is going to find a phone and call the university for more security. He responds by saying his only word in the film, "Alright." He is briefly seen at the film's conclusion on television, as part of a broadcast Our Miraculous World is running on Mario and Luigi's adventure.