Daisy's mother

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Daisy's mother
SMB film Daisy's mother.PNG
Species Dinohattanite
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)

Princess Daisy's mother is the late wife of the King the biological mother of Princess Daisy in the Super Mario Bros. film. As indicated by her parental relationship to Daisy, she was the queen of Dinohattan before Koopa conquered the dimension.


Sixty-five million years ago, a meteorite struck the planet Earth. This impact created a dimension parallel to Earth, that the dinosaurs inhabiting the planet teleported to Earth. Daisy's mother was one such dinosaur. As the two dimensions continued to coexist, the dinosaurs continued to evolve until reaching a human-like state.

Most of the Queen's life remains unknown. Some time after General Koopa began his takeover of Dinohattan, the Queen escapes to the human dimension and leaves her unhatched child, Daisy, as well as a shard of the meteorite that struck millions of years previously, at the doorstep of St. Theresa's Cathedral. After she reaches the tunnel leading to Dinohattan, the Queen encounters Koopa. Koopa grabs her and demands the meteorite shard, but she frees herself and knocks over one of the support beams to attack him, but this results in the cave collapsing on her.

Twenty years after the incident, Daisy and Luigi arrive at the tunnel. Daisy shows Luigi the bones of a dinosaur that they found and notes the thumb-like bones that appear on the hands; the dinosaur skeleton is really that of Daisy's mother, though both are unaware of this.