Hat Check Girl

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Hat Check Girl
Hat Check Girl
Species Dinohattanite
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Portrayed by Terry Finn
“Hi. You're looking for those plumbers? Well, I think I spotted them.”
Hat Check Girl, Super Mario Bros.

The Hat Check Girl (as she is credited) is a minor character in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film, played by Terry Finn. She works as the hat check worker at the Boom Boom Bar, who takes Mario and Luigi's tool belts from them for safekeeping while they are on the dance floor.

Upon taking the tool belts from Mario and Luigi, the camera pans over to their wanted poster in the hat check room. She is shortly after seen on the phone with someone to alert them of the brother's presence in the Boom Boom Bar. Lena and a group of Goombas arrive to retrieve the meteorite piece and arrest Mario, Luigi, Spike and Iggy. Big Bertha knocks out the Hat Check Girl with a punch and hides in her hat check room with Mario and Luigi, and assists them in their escape by instructing them to take the Thwomp Stompers in the room.