Spike (film character)

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This article is about Koopa's cousin in the film, Super Mario Bros.. For other uses of the name, see Spike (disambiguation).
Spike (film character)
Species Dinohattanite
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Portrayed by Richard Edson

Spike is one of President Koopa's cousins in the movie Super Mario Bros. He works with his other cousin, Iggy, to kidnap Princess Daisy. Spike is most likely inspired by the enemy Spike.

Spike is portrayed as being stupid and incompetent, and he and Iggy fail all the tasks that Koopa gives them. This angers Koopa, and uses his de-evolution machine to evolve his cousins into intelligent beings. However, once they start thinking for themselves, Spike and Iggy decide to ally themselves with Mario and Luigi instead of Koopa.

At the end of the film, two Japanese businessmen propose the idea of making a video game based on Spike and Iggy's adventures. When asked what it should be called, Spike and Iggy decide to name it "The Super Koopa Cousins".

A deleted scene from the film would have featured Spike and Iggy performing a Koopa protest rap at the Boom Boom Bar scene.

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