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Scapelli Construction van.

Scapelli Construction is a construction business seen in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film, owned by Anthony Scapelli. It is the rival to Mario and Luigi's Mario Brothers Plumbing business. They are demonstrated to be a dishonest and crooked company as evidenced in the film.

The company is introduced in the film's beginning when Mario and Luigi arrive at the Riverfront Cafe with the intention to attend to their plumbing needs. There, they discover the Scapelli Construction van parked outside, showing that the company has beaten the brothers to the job and put them out of the work. Later on, a newscaster reveals one of New York's largest construction projects has been halted to allow New York University students to excavate in the advent of the discovery of dinosaur bones in the area. It is revealed this construction project was overseen by Scapelli Construction. Anthony Scapelli, company boss, arrives to the excavation project and demands that Daisy end her scavenging project authorized by her university. According to Daisy, Scapelli's workers have been harassing them in order to force them to stop. While he is negotiating with Daisy, he threatens the project, which causes Daisy to ask James to call the university for security. Later, two of Scapelli's workers, Doug and Mike, are at the dig site, sabotaging the project by breaking several pipes.

The Scapelli Construction workers, Doug and Mike, are plumbers who are direct competitors to Mario and Luigi. Though they appear in the film, their appearance is extremely minimal in the final cut, as most of their scenes filmed were removed.[1] The scenes they appear in are still covered in the film's official novel and in the film trading cards. The scene removed was after Mario and Luigi spot the Scapelli Construction van, and enter the Riverfront Cafe to confront Doug and Mike. There, Doug and Mike are lying to the restaurant owner, Pascal, about how their service will take two days to run up Scapelli's profits. This angers Mario who states it should be a two hour job. Ultimately, Pascal chooses the Scapelli workers over the Mario brothers. In the film's finale, early drafts of the script show that Doug and Mike were going to be de-evolved like Anthony Scapelli.