Sludge Gulper

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Sludge Gulper
A Sludge Gulper as seen in the film, covered in fungus.

The Sludge Gulper is the name of a type of garbage truck in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film. These garbage trucks are responsible for transporting trash around the Dinohattan dimension. Mario, Luigi, Spike and Iggy witness a Sludge Gulper dumping trash in the Koopahari Desert. The team knocks out the Snifit garbage men, hijack the truck and drive back to the Dinohattan city. Later in the film, Mario and Luigi are able to hide and escape from Goombas by jumping in the back of a moving Sludge Gulper and hiding. This truck conveniently takes them directly to the outside Koopa's Tower, where they exit.

A deleted scene from the film would have taken place in the Sludge Gulper while Mario is piloting it back to Dinohattan. It involved Mario, Luigi, Spike and Iggy discussing the unfair election process of President Koopa.