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“My new country has no need for old superstars! It will do just fine with only one: the Great Bowletta!!!”
Bowletta, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Mario and Luigi encountering Bowletta at the end of Bowser's Castle.

Bowletta is the result of Cackletta's spirit inhabiting Bowser's body, who appears as the final boss of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. After the Mario Bros. beat Cackletta at Woohoo Hooniversity, Fawful sucks her spirit into his headgear. They later find Bowser unconscious in Stardust Fields, after the Beanstar exploded, and Cackletta's ghost leaves the headgear to take over Bowser.

Bowletta and Fawful kidnap Princess Peach while Mario is sick with Bean Fever and Luigi is out to find the cure; it is revealed when Luigi returns to Little Fungitown with the Crabbie Grass. When Luigi and the newly cured Mario arrive at Beanbean Castle Town, Bowletta sends them a message telling them to bring her the four pieces of the destroyed Beanstar in exchange for Princess Peach.

Bowletta taunting Mario.

After Mario and Luigi reassemble the Beanstar, Bowletta sends another message, telling them to meet her at Joke's End to give it to her. When the Mario Bros. arrive at Joke's End, they try to give Bowletta a fake Beanstar instead, but Fawful destroys it and takes the real Beanstar using his helmet. However, they soon after see Mario with another Princess Peach, who claims the one Bowletta has captured is an imposter. Believing this, they toss the Peach they have overboard and capture the one with Mario. As they are celebrating success back on the Koopa Cruiser, however, they find out that the Peach they have captured is actually Luigi in disguise, who manages to escape with the Beanstar.

Angered by the trick, Bowletta and Fawful head to the Mushroom Kingdom, where they fly Bowser's Castle back to the Beanbean Kingdom and attack the castle town. After Mario and Luigi reach the castle and arrive at the throne room, where Bowletta is waiting, she reveals that she intends to take over the Mushroom Kingdom after she is done with the Beanbean Kingdom and battles the Mario Bros. When Bowletta is defeated, a Time Bob-omb appears and knocks Mario and Luigi out and Bowletta, having faked her defeat, swallows them. Inside her body, Mario and Luigi must face Cackletta's spirit, and when she is finally defeated the Mario Bros. are returned to the castle, Bowser is returned to normal, and her spirit vanishes.


Bowletta on her throne.

Bowletta retains Cackletta's facial appearance, including her purple eyes, large head and mouth, and the two pink horns replacing Bowser's own horns, although she has Bowser's red hair between them. Her body resembles Bowser's except that she has a smaller tail and light-colored breasts. Bowletta is also less round, but has a more hunched appearance. While their scales are the same color, Bowletta's green coloration is lighter than Bowser's. Bowletta wears both sets of Bowser's arm bracelets but lacks his collar.

Powers and abilities[edit]

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Dark Bowletta.
Bowletta's most powerful attack.

Bowletta's main attack is breathing fire. Her first such fire attack involves shooting comet-like fireballs. Some will need to be jumped over by the Bros. and others will turn into Flarets, fireball enemies which can heal Bowletta for 35 HP if she absorbs them. Her second, more damaging fire attack begins with Bowletta magically summoning blocks over the brother's heads: the brothers must destroy the blocks by rapidly jumping into them and then preparing to jump over the violent burst of fire that occurs five seconds after the blocks appear. Finally, Bowletta can briefly transform into a darker form in which she summons stars from the sky to hit the Bros. Green stars will hit Luigi, red stars will hit Mario, and both stars will harm Bowletta if countered with a hammer; the purple stars which also fall do not damage anyone. If Mario and Luigi do not counter the stars with their hammers, there is a chance that they may get dizzy. This form of Bowletta is also hazardously-surfaced, and will damage the Bros. should they try to use jumping attacks without the proper badges needed to damage Bowletta.

Official profiles and statistics[edit]

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Enemy
Bowletta.gif HP 500 (700) POW 105-140 (110-145) Defense 180 (140) Speed 150 Experience 0
Fire Heal Thunder Normal Jump Hammer Coins 0
Stat Down? 30% Stun? 30% Burn? 0% Hand Item Drop None – 0%
Max Nut – 61.29% (100%)
Level           40 Location(s) Bowser's Castle Notice
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese version (if they differ from the original American and European stats).
  • Stats in gray are only found in the game's coding and are not available during "normal" gameplay.
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Enemy
Bowletta (Dark)
Darkbowletta.PNG HP 500 (700) POW 105-140 (110-145) Defense 180 (200) Speed 80 Experience 0
Fire Normal Thunder Heal Jump Hammer Coins 0
Stat Down? 0% Stun? 0% Burn? 0% Hand Item Drop None – 0%
None (Max Nut) – 0% (100%)
Level           40 Location(s) Bowser's Castle Notice
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese version (if they differ from the original American and European stats).
  • Stats in gray are only found in the game's coding and are not available during "normal" gameplay.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲラクッパ
A portmanteau between "Geragemōna", Japanese name for Cackletta, and "Koopa", Japanese name for Bowser.
Spanish Bowser Jijí A mix between "Bowser" and "Bruja Jijí", the Spanish name of Cackletta
French Bowsémona A mix between "Bowser" and "Graguémona", the French name of Cackletta
German Bowsemilla A mix between "Bowser" and "Lugmilla", the German name of Cackletta
Italian Ghigno Bowser A mix between "Bowser" and "Ghignarda", the Italian name of Cackletta