Oho Oasis

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Oho Oasis
Greater location Oho Ocean
Inhabitants Oho Jee, Crabs, Hermit Crabs, Fire and Thunder Gods
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Oho Oasis is an island on the Oho Ocean to the east of Beanbean Castle which only appeared in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. While part of the Beanbean Kingdom, the island is not inhabited by Beanish. Rather, the native Oho Jee (both red and blue varieties), Crabs, and Hermit Crabs are the only creatures who live there. Additionally, the Fire Palace and Thunder Palace each serve as a home to one of the island's deities. The Fire Palace is home to the Fire God and the Thunder Palace is home to the Thunder God.

Prior to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the Oho Oasis Research Exhibition attempted to study the island and its Oho Jee inhabitants. After accidentally setting a Red Oho Jee on fire and witnessing the above phenomenon, one of the researchers was turned into an Oho Jee. The last known recording of them stated that they needed to try an equivalent experiment on the Blue Oho Jee. The fate of the exhibition is unknown, but two of their tape players remain on the island.

Later, Mario and Luigi land on this island after falling from an angry Beanstar. The brothers find the two palaces. In the Fire Palace, Mario summons the Fire God and learns Firebrand technique. Likewise, in Thunder Palace, Luigi summons the Thunder God and learns Thunderhand. Using these techniques, Mario and Luigi light a fire and electrically charges an orb in the offering block, opening a pathway to the Oho Ocean seabed. Optionally, later in the game, they can surf and revisit island later in their adventure.


Bordering or connecting locations to Oho Oasis include:


The island is very small, even smaller than the western area of Beanbean Castle Town. Most of the island is covered with lush vegetation, such as palm trees. The northern portion of the island is solid rock. This is the only side of the island not to have a sandy beach. Three structures still exist on the island: the Fire Palace to the west, Thunder Palace to the east, and the offering block to the southeast. The palaces are on elevated portions of the island and feature great staircases leading to their front doors.

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Screenshot of Mario, Luigi and an Oho Jee in Oho Oasis

The Oho Jee that inhabit Oho Oasis are found wandering about the island and inside the palaces. They speak openly to the visitors of the island, revealing that their thought process is much different from that typical of other races. Red Oho Jee stay on the western side and inside the Fire Palace while Blue Oho Jee stay on the eastern side and inside the Thunder Palace. Attacking a Red Oho Jee with Firebrand or attacking a Blue Oho Jee with Thunderhand incites them to a battle. Although Mario and Luigi can win the battle, the Oho Jee does not disappear, which means the brothers can fight them multiple times.


There are some Hoo Beans and Chuckle Beans here.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クスアイランド
Kusu Airando
Kusu Island. Kusu (クス) is a sarcastic laugh.
Spanish Isla Buajajá Mwahaha Island.
French Ile Kusu Kusu Island. From the japanese name.
German Isla Hihihi Isla Heeheehee
Italian Risola From "Riso" (laugh) and "isola" (island)