List of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions story summaries

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In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, a summary of the story can be read via the records menu under "The Story So Far"; the records menu itself can be accessed after Mario and Luigi are given the Beanbean Map by the Border Bros. Unlike the other games in the Mario & Luigi series, the story summary is not shown when saving the game.

The story so far... And then...
The Koopa Cruiser was attacked by Fawful, and it crashed! Mario and Luigi head to Stardust Fields.
Bowser is being held by Tolstar, the evil king of Stardust Fields! Go and gather the 100 coins that Tolstar is demanding.
You defeated Tolstar! Bowser was sent flying... Head in the direction that Bowser was sent flying.
Mario and Luigi arrive in a town on a mountaintop. The village seems to be in a hectic state... Try asking around to find out what happened.
Your way forward has been blocked by Fawful yet again! Can you break through the fallen rocks? Try asking the villagers.
Mario and Luigi meet with two Hammer craftsmen. Go to the peak of the mountain and gather the materials needed to make those Hammers.
You defeated Dragohoho at the top of the mountain! Get the two Hammer craftsmen to make you Hammers!
You acquired Hammers! You can use them to break the rocks dropped by Fawful!
Mario and Luigi ride mine carts down the mountain. You wish to see Queen Bean. She's probably in a castle...
You've arrived in Beanbean Castle Town... But the town is under attack! Is the castle OK? Can you get to Queen Bean?
Mario and Luigi are dropped into the Beanbean Castle Sewers and asked to repair the plumbing. Luckily, for the Mario Bros., fixing the plumbing should be a piece of cake!
The Lady Lima that you first met was an imposter! The precious Beanstar inside the castle is in danger!
You defeated Queen Bean, who was under Cackletta's control! You'll need a soda from the forest to return Queen Bean to normal.
You defeated the Chuckolator! Now you can fix Queen Bean! Luigi has been separated from Mario. Will he really be OK all by himself?
You've restored Queen Bean to her true form! Get back the Beanstar that was stolen by Cackletta!
Mario and Luigi run into Prince Peasley for the first time in a long while. It seems Cackletta has snuck into Woohoo Hooniversity.
You defeated Cackletta! The Beanstar fell into the basement. Hurry and get it back!
The Beanstar flew off somewhere, along with Bowser... Where is this place? Can you get back to the Beanbean Kingdom?
Mario and Luigi travel the ocean floor and make it back to the Beanbean Kingdom. Princess Peach is coming to the Beanbean Kingdom! Go and greet her at Beanbean Airport.
The airport hasn't been cared for. It's overrun with Piranha Plants... You've cleared the runway, so now it's time to go welcome Princess Peach.
Princess Peach's voice was NOT stolen! Prince Peasley's strategy was a success! Head to Beanbean Castle and Beanbean Castle Town to look around a bit.
The Hammer craftsmen have relocated. They can power up your Hammers now! Head to the Hammer craftsmen's house first. It's by the east exit of Beanbean Castle Town.
Your Hammers were powered up! Head to Little Fungitown with Princess Peach. It's through the valley above Beanbean Castle.
Mario and Luigi have arrived in Little Fungitown. Take a look around Little Fungitown after you've taken a rest.
Mario is bedridden after contracting Bean Fever! It's all up to Luigi now! Will he be able to pull through all by himself?
Cackletta possesses Bowser's body and kidnaps Princess Peach! Look for the pieces of the shattered Beanstar. Start with the one that fell into Teehee Valley.
The Beanstar piece was taken into the ship. Is there some way you can get the Beanstar piece back?
The Beanstar piece fell into the sea. Swim into the water in pursuit of that floating Beanstar piece!
Mario and Luigi have arrived on an island in pursuit of the Beanstar Piece. The Beanstar piece should be somewhere on this island... Search every corner!
You've acquired the first Beanstar piece! Only three to go! Use the map to look for Beanstar pieces. It seems to be right above the castle...
You found a Beanstar piece in Yoshi Theater! Collect the Neon Eggs that the owner of Yoshi Theater requested of you.
You've acquired the second Beanstar piece! Only two to go! Use the map to look for Beanstar pieces. Maybe it's close to the airport entrance?
You found a Beanstar piece in Harhall's Studio! Complete the Splart masterpieces that Harhall requested of you.
You've acquired the third Beanstar piece! Now there's only one left! Use the map to look for Beanstar pieces. It looks like it fell into the forest...
Mario and Luigi have been deemed worthy by the Winkles. Take the path that is only for those approved by the Winkles.
You acquired the last Beanstar piece! It's finally complete! Head to where Queen Bean awaits in Beanbean Castle.
Mario and Luigi take the Beanstar and head to Joke's End. It's a cold place on the other side of the sea... Make thorough preparations before you go.
Thanks to Luigi, you secured the Beanstar and returned it to Princess Peach! Go and save Luigi!
Mario has finally reunited with Luigi. All that's left is to return home to the Mushroom Kingdom... Since you're about to leave, you'd better stop by Beanbean Castle to say farewell.
Bowletta attacks using the airborne Bowser's Castle! Are Princess Peach and Prince Peasley safe?! Hurry to the castle!
Mario and Luigi decide to head to Bowser's Castle to defeat Bowletta. Make preparations and then take off! Wasn't there a way to fly...on the mountain...
Mario and Luigi arrive at Bowser's Castle. It's finally time for the last battle! There will be many fierce enemies in the castle. If you want, return to the surface to prepare.