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The Information Booth
The Information Booth's interior

The Information Booth[1] is a store in Beanbean Castle Town that specializes in selling information in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. The shopkeeper, Miles Tones, sells "information" to Mario and Luigi for 100 coins, and this information usually revolves around their current objective and either where it is located or how it can be accomplished. His information only relates to the main story and nothing else. Near the end of the game, when Mario and Luigi are ready to go to Bowser's Castle, the Information Booth has no more information to give.

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, Miles no longer sells information to the brothers, and instead looks at the player's records, awarding items based on their progress with Blocks, Beans, the number of battles won, the number of enemies defeated, the number of Excellent attacks done and the number of battles fled from. After fulfilling all of the requests, Miles is satisfied and leaves the shop.

Requirement Reward
100 Battles Fought 3 Ultra Mushrooms
200 Battles Fought 5 1-Up Supers
400 Battles Fought Recording
100 Enemies Defeated 3 Nuts
200 Enemies Defeated Quick Collector
400 Enemies Defeated Recording
800 Enemies Defeated Rescue Suit
150 Excellent Ratings 8 Syrups
300 Excellent Ratings 4 Super Syrups
650 Excellent Ratings 3 Super Nuts
1000 Excellent Ratings Risky Excellence
10 Battles Fled 30 Boo Biscuits
100 Attacks Dodged 150 Coins
200 Attacks Dodged 6 1-Up Mushrooms
400 Attacks Dodged Gravity Shield
800 Attacks Dodged 10 Golden Mushrooms
20% of Beans Uncovered Recording
50% of Beans Uncovered Daredevil Pants
100% of Beans Uncovered Bean Master Badge
20% of Blocks Found 3 Super Mushrooms
50% of Blocks Found Recording
100% of Blocks Found Super Switch


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