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The Splart minigame in both versions of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
The Splart minigame in both versions of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
The Splart minigame in both versions of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Splart is a minigame in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions. In this minigame, Mario must turn into Pump Mario via a Watering Hole on the right and must step on a footprint-marked carpet right next to it. Luigi then must hit him with his hammer, sending water towards one or more flying designbombs. The water and the dye then splatter onto a white shirt, coloring it in one of various patterns depending on the designbomb(s) hit. This minigame is needed to obtain a Beanstar piece when played for the first time. Playing repeatedly and shooting every unique combination of dye to create all the possible patterns on the shirt causes the minigame's overseer, Harhall, to reward the Mario and Luigi with a single Woo Bean after each pattern, and Harhall's Pants after the final one, before leaving the area to set up a clothing shop. After Harhall's departure, the watering hole stops flowing.

Shirt combinations[edit]

The possible combinations for each shirt design are shown below. Each shirt must have a color and pattern for it to count in Harhall's record.

Initial: WhiteShirtMLSS.png
Pattern(s) Used Color(s) Used
N/A BlueBobombMLSS.png RedBobombMLSS.png YellowBobombMLSS.png BlueBobombMLSS.pngYellowBobombMLSS.png YellowBobombMLSS.pngRedBobombMLSS.png BlueBobombMLSS.pngRedBobombMLSS.png BlueBobombMLSS.pngYellowBobombMLSS.pngRedBobombMLSS.png
BlueShirtMLSS.png RedShirtMLSS.png YellowShirtMLSS.png GreenShirtMLSS.png OrangeShirtMLSS.png PurpleShirtMLSS.png BrownShirtMLSS.png
SpottedBobombMLSS.png BlueSpottedShirtMLSS.png RedSpottedShirtMLSS.png YellowSpottedShirtMLSS.png GreenSpottedShirtMLSS.png OrangeSpottedShirtMLSS.png PurpleSpottedShirtMLSS.png BrownSpottedShirtMLSS.png
CheckeredBobombMLSS.png BlueCheckerdShirtMLSS.png RedCheckeredShirtMLSS.png YellowCheckeredShirtMLSS.png GreenCheckeredShirtMLSS.png OrangeCheckeredShirtMLSS.png PurpleCheckeredShirt.png BrownCheckeredShirtMLSS.png
StripedBobombMLSS.png BlueStripedShirtMLSS.png RedStripedShirtMLSS.png YellowStripedShirtMLSS.png GreenStripedShirtMLSS.png OrangeStripedShirtMLSS.png PurpleStripedShirtMLSS.png BrownStripedShirtMLSS.png
Any combination BlueStarShirtMLSS.png RedStarShirtMLSS.png YellowStarShirtMLSS.png GreenStarShirtMLSS.png OrangeStarShirtMLSS.png PurpleStarShirtMLSS.png BrownStarShirtMLSS.png