Beanbean Castle

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Mario and Luigi outside Beanbean Castle.

Beanbean Castle is the home of Queen Bean, Lady Lima, Prince Peasley and possibly other royalty and servants. It is the center of the Beanbean Kingdom. Once the Bros. get to the castle they find two Beanbean troops who try to play along with the Mario Bros., yet have absolutely no clue what they're talking about. Later, to earn Lady Lima's trust and get to Queen Bean, the Bros. must fix the plumbing under the castle. Once they fix the plumbing, Cackletta and Fawful gain access to the Beanstar. Beanbean Castle Town is the town that is near the castle and has many useful shops. The castle is key in the game, and the home of the Beanstar. The Mario Bros. come here several times in between tasks to talk to Queen Bean and the others to gain information.


Bordering or connecting locations to the Beanbean Castle include:


Item Icon Location
Hoo Bean Sprite of a Hoo Bean from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Found in hidden blocks (see below).
Bean Badge Icon of a Badge from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. (This icon is smaller than the big badge icon from the menu, but bigger than the ever-smaller one used in the list in the menu.) Given by Lady Lima's servant before the Mario Bros. head for Chucklehuck Woods.
Beanbean Brooch Beanbean Brooch.png Given by Lady Lima before the Mario Bros. head for Chucklehuck Woods.
Beanstar Beanstar animated sprite Revived from the four Beanstar Pieces.
Fake Beanstar Fake Beanstar.png Given by Prince Peasley before the Mario Bros. head for Joke's End.
Peach's Extra Dress Peach's Extra Dress from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Given by Toadsworth before the Mario Bros. head for Joke's End.

For a list of hidden blocks found in Beanbean Castle, see here. For a list of items in Beanbean Castle Sewers, see here.




Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Instruction Booklet description: There are many shops in the town around the castle, which lies at the center of the kingdom.

Names in other languages[edit]

Mushroom KingdomStardust FieldsGuffawha RuinsBeanbean Castle TownBeanbean CastleChateau de ChucklehuckChucklehuck WoodsWoohoo HooniversityTeehee ValleyLittle FungitownOho OasisGwarhar LagoonJoke's EndOho OceanBeanbean International AirportBeanbean FieldsHoohoo MountainBowser's Castle
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Language Name Meaning
Japanese マメーリア
Mamēria Jō
From 「豆」 mame, meaning "bean"; 「城」 means "castle".
Chinese 豆豆城
Dòudou Chéng
Beanbean Castle
Dutch Booninklijk kasteel Pun on 'koninklijk' (meaning royal) and 'boon' (meaning bean). Kasteel means castle.
French Château de Végésia Beanbean Castle
German Schloss Bohnia Castle Bohnia
Italian Castello di Fagiolandia Fagiolandia's Castle
Spanish Castillo Judía Castle Bean