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Border Jump MLSS.pngThe Border Jump minigame in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
Border Jump from both the original and the remake
“That's right, it's the border, and since we're the border security, we can't let you in...until you do some jumping worthy of the Mario name!”
Older Border Bro, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

The Border Jump is a minigame in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions. Its name is a play on an expression referring to illegally crossing borders. The Border Jump is hosted by the Border Bros. in a small tower in Beanbean Borderland, the border between the Beanbean Kingdom and the Mushroom Kingdom, lying at Stardust Fields. The Border Jump tests Mario's and Luigi's jumping skills. They have to jump over a rope, referred to as the "royal Border Line," while the Border Bros. twirl and swing it in every direction. Mario and Luigi have three lives each in this minigame, and they must complete it to progress through the game.

If the Mario Bros. return to the tower, the Border Bros. ask them to play a more difficult version of Border Jump, Border Jump 2, which, upon being completed, allows them to play Super Border Jump, then Super Border Jump Sunshine. When the latter is beaten, the Mario Bros. can then choose which level of the Border Jump to play. Should they choose "No" if asked to play, the Border Bros. offer them to play the Complete Border Jump, which is made up of the four previous challenges and not chosen from the level selection. After the first mandatory play of the first Border Jump game, Mario and Luigi can win Hee Beans by playing it thereafter.

In the background of the room, a picture of an end-of-level fortress from Super Mario Bros. is visible, complete with a flagpole that tracks the Mario Bros.' progress. When the brothers win, a number of points and fireworks appear next to the flagpole in the screenshot.

When this minigame is played, an arrangement of the Ground Theme from Super Mario Bros. is heard.

The names of the third and fourth levels are very similar to the names of two past games of the Super Mario franchise, Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Sunshine, but simply replacing "Mario Bros."/"Mario" with "Border Jump."


Difficulty Reward
Level 1: Border Jump 1 Hee Bean
Level 2: Border Jump 2 2 Hee Beans
Level 3: Super Border Jump 3 Hee Beans
Level 4: Super Border Jump Sunshine 5 Hee Beans (4 in the remake)
Level 5: Complete Border Jump 7 Hee Beans

Names in other languages[edit]

Border Jump
Language Name Meaning
Japanese コッキョージャンプ
Kokkyō Janpu
Border Jump

French Saut frontalier
Border jump
Italian Salto della Frontiera
Jump of the Border
Spanish (NOE) Salta la Frontera
Jump the Border
Border Line
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロープ[1]
Kokkyō Sen

Border Line

Border Jump 2
Language Name Meaning
Japanese コッキョージャンプ2
Kokkyō Janpu 2
Border Jump 2

Super Border Jump
Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパー コッキョージャンプ
Sūpā Kokkyō Janpu
Super Border Jump

Super Border Jump Sunshine
Language Name Meaning
Japanese コッキョージャンプ サンシャイン
Kokkyō Janpu Sanshain
Border Jump Sunshine

Complete Border Jump
Language Name Meaning
Japanese コンプリート コッキョージャンプ
Konpurīto Kokkyō Janpu
Complete Border Jump


  • In the E3 2003 demo of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the Border Jump is given the rough translation of the "Borderline Jump." Additionally, the Border Bros.' dialog is given a rough translation.[2]


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