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The Starbeans Cafe is a shop in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga owned by Professor E. Gadd. It is located in Beanbean Castle Town. The shop's Beanbean Machine[1] utilizes a special StarB System in which customers bring various Beans to expand the menu with freshly-made Bean Juice.[2] Each drink boosts a different stat permanently and requires a certain number of Beans. There are 7 different flavors. If all 7 drinks are made at least once, E. Gadd will put up a picture of himself next to the counter for the rest of the game. In the Japanese version of the game, icons appear next to drinks Mario and Luigi already made on the drink menu.

The name of the cafe itself is based off the real-life Starbucks. The Prima Games guide even calls the establishment "a" Starbeans, further connecting it to the restaurant franchise.[3] Also, three of the drinks served at the cafe have names based off real varieties of coffee: Hoolumbian, Chuckoccino, and Teeheespresso are named for the Colombian, Cappuccino, and Espresso coffees respectively.

Bean Juice[edit]

  • Woohoo Blend – For 25 Woo Beans, this drink boosts a character's HP by 4.
  • Hoohoo Blend – 25 Hoo Beans result in a drink that raises a character's BP by 4.
  • Chuckle Blend – By grinding 25 Chuckle Beans, the Bros. can make a drink that raises Speed by 4.
  • Teehee Blend – If 25 Hee Beans are put in the machine, the result is a drink that boosts Stache by 4.
  • Hoolumbian – By combining 15 Woo Beans and 10 Hoo Beans, this drink can raise POW by 4.
  • Chuckoccino – 15 Woo Beans and 10 Chuckle Beans make a drink that raises DEF by 4.
  • Teeheespresso – The most powerful drink is made with 15 Woo Beans and 10 Hee Beans. It raises a random stat by 6 points.

Special Items[edit]

Every time a drink is mixed that hasn't been made before, Professor E. Gadd will come and give Mario and Luigi one of his inventions, usually coupled with a humorous scene. These secret items can be equipped in the extra equipment slot under Clothes and Badges. Like Clothes and Badges, each character can only equip one item.

There are seven types of Bean Juice, and thus, seven items that can be equipped to Mario or Luigi. They are given out in a set order, listed below, regardless of the order the drinks are made. With the exception of the Excite Spring, Power Grip, and Cobalt Necktie, every Accessory takes effect to both characters, as long as the characters are together.

  • Greed Wallet – Double the coins you get from monsters! (Double-Up Coin)
  • Bonus Ring – Don't lose HP in battle for an EXP bonus! (Double-Up EXP)
  • Excite Spring – Hold the button to float on defense! (Floating Jump)
  • Great Force – Double the damage you give AND take! (Rough Battle)
  • Power Grip – Never drop the Hammerhead on defense! (Hammer Grip)
  • Cobalt Necktie – Double your Stache points! (Shining Stache)
  • Game Boy Horror SP – Defeat foes and always get rare items! (Rare Itemizer)

If a drink is made that has already been made before, or if the brothers have received all seven items, they can still continue to make Bean Juice, but only the drink is received.

Names in other languages[edit]

Starbeans Cafe[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Café Estelar Star Café
French Café Végétoile Beanstar Café
German Sternbohnen-Café Starbeans Café
Italian Bar del Fagiolo Stella Beanstar's Bar

Bean Juice[edit]

Woohoo Blend[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アハストレート
aha sutorēto
Aha Straight
Spanish Jexpresso Hexpresso
French Mélange Haha Haha Blend
Italian Miscela Crepapelle "Miscela" means mixture; "Crepapelle" comes from the italian expression "Ridere a Crepapelle", meaning something like "Laughing Riotously"

Hoohoo Blend[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウフストレート
uhu sutorēto
Ufu Straight
Spanish Juajuáreto
French Mélange Uf Uf Blend
Italian Miscela Tiritera Rigmarole Mixture

Chuckle Blend[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲラストレート
gera sutorēto
Gera Straight
Spanish Jijíreto
French Mélange Soda Soda Blend
Italian Miscela Ghigno Grin Mixture

Teehee Blend[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デヘストレート
dehe sutorēto
Dehe Straight
Spanish Jejéreto
French Mélange Hihi Heehee Blend
Italian Miscela Sorriso Smile Mixture


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウフマンジャロ
Spanish Jajáreto
French Hahabica
Italian Tirisucco From "tiritera" (rigmarole) and "succo" (juice)


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲラプチーノ
Spanish Jojópuchino Hohopuccino
French Grapuccino
Italian Ghignuccino Grin-uccino


Language Name Meaning
Japanese デヘプレッソ
Spanish Cortajojó Cuthoho
French Déhépresso Dehepresso
Italian Sorrisespresso Smilespresso

Special Items[edit]

Greed Wallet[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Bolsa Codicia Greed Bag
French Portefeuille avide Eager wallet
Italian Portavarizia Avarice Case

Bonus Ring[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Anillo Bonus Bonus Ring
French Anneau bonus Bonus ring
Italian Anello Bonus Bonus Ring

Excite Spring[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Salto Pasión Passion Jump
French Ressort Spring
Italian Protezione Più Protection Plus

Great Force[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Gran Fuerza Great Force
French Grande force Great force
Italian Granforza Great Force

Power Grip[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Agarre Fijo Fixed Grip
French Poigne de fer Iron grip
Italian Mastice Energia Energy Putty

Cobalt Necktie[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Cinta Cobre Copper Tape
French Cravate Necktie
Italian Cravatta Cobalto Cobalt Necktie

Game Boy Horror SP[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Game Boy Horror SP
French Game Boy Horror SP
Italian Game Boy Horror SP



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