Elite Troopea

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Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Enemy
Elite Troopea
Location(s): Gwarhar Lagoon, Joke's End
Level: 23
HP: 99
POW: 82
DEF: 74
Experience: 72
Coins: 18
Item Drop: Super Syrup (20%)
Ultra Syrup (11%)
Ultra Syrup (30%)
Fire: Critical
Thunder: Normal
Jump: Normal
Hammer: Weak
Stat Down: 60%
Dizzy: 30%
Burn: 10%
Speed Down: 30%
Superstar Saga Enemy
Elite Troopea
Location(s) Gwarhar Lagoon, Joke's End
Level 25
HP 40
POW 74
Defense 70
Speed 60
Experience 40 (70)
Coins 12
Item Drop None – 0% (Super Mushroom - 12.9%)
None – 0% (Ultra Mushroom - 12.9%)
Fire Normal
Thunder Critical
Jump Normal
Hammer Weak
Hand Weak
Stun? 30%
Burn? 30%
Stat Down? 100%
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese version (if they differ from the original American and European stats).
  • Stats in gray are only found in the game's coding and are not available during "normal" gameplay.

Elite Troopeas are a stronger, red-shelled version of the normal Troopeas in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. They are the Beanbean Kingdom equivalents of red-shelled Koopa Troopas. Besides their regular ramming attack, they can also heal one enemy in their party or even resurrect a defeated enemy, but they are otherwise identical to Troopeas. They can be found in Gwarhar Lagoon, while winged variants known as Scaratroopeas appear in Joke's End.

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, they appear as bipedal instead of quadrupedal and wear shoes. Elite Troopeas appear as enemies in Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser, along with regular Troopeas. They are Melee troopers, and attack by charging into opponents. Their Special Skill, Rock Solid, allows them to enter their shells and raise their defense.

Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser bio: They resemble regular Troopeas but are a bit stronger. They're quite proud of that vibrant color.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マメノコノコ
Mame Nokonoko
Bean Koopa Troopa
French Koopa Moyen Medium Koopa
German Ultra-Keim Ultra Seedling
Italian Troopona From "Troopa" and the augmentative suffix -ona
Chinese 豆豆喏库喏库
Dòudou Nuòkùnuòkù
Beanbean Koopa Troopa